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Sunday, September 19, 2010

[19/9/2010] Her name is Hope =)

Her name is SinYing.. =) 

I always take up my point to write up if i see something that gets my respect. I don't know why i am writing this up too but i felt that i need to. Maybe because of seeing her facing all the busy-ness and pouring it out in her blog and still hanging a smile wherever she goes. She made me realize a lot of things, when she was mentioning HOPE just having 2 OCs, i remember back doing USM Open Relay, the first National Relay ever done, and only 4 of us really working on it i guess, which i am thrown at Publicity, Communications, Sponsorships, Registrations etc. She is one who makes me really curious actually, about her social principles and how she sees things, well let's see when i have the opportunity to really talk about it heart to heart with her =) Wonder if we ever really thought the same way before. I am really curious about her in some ways, it seems like what she said, everytime meet up with AIESECers talk about HOPE and project only =P But i am more interested to know how would she described herself =) 

I got to know her through my sister i guess =) Through MYC 2009, when my sis went like "You know there is someone same age like you also in the Committee?" Then there goes knowing her la. Then mana tahu someone name Porcupine King scandal but tak jadi. Haha. But hey =) knowing you is a blessing. Keep on Strong, Keep on the courage. We are all doing our best =) I am actually wondering what's after HOPE for you =)

I know you are trying the very best for everything, being very courage and strong in everything you are, i know you are tired, stress etc even though you tried hard to hang on the smile, but well, i think most guys find you too high to handle =P  Well, i was one of them =)  woots* But you are paving your own ways =) that's good. You will find him very soon. We shall see =D

*Taken in International Congress 2009

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  1. she indeed alwayz face people with smiles although she is tired