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Saturday, September 18, 2010

[19/9/2010] Calmness in the Sprinting

Hi World =) Yes this is the symbol which i really need to research more for a 50 pages assignment on Architectural Principle of Designing. Guess where it is found? 

 KL Sentral Station. Yea Praise God my lecturer gave a good green light to change my title from The Curve to this place, 2 simple reasons, because this symbol i can come out with 5 pages of information already while MRCB Malaysia Resource Corporation Berhad is an awesome platform to research with, this project. + Meeting with the Senior Project Manager on the spot.

Calmness in the Sprinting, that's what i call it.
This week is gonna be the craziest week ever had. Definitely, you will know soon =) It's like you are having so many assignments and events counting in your head, and you just go like "Hey, you know what, hear some songs, hear Christian Music" and yes they really make you go saying 'God is awesome all the time =)" despite busy-ness or anything, He is always there with you.

Am all glad to attend SNL, EPCC Church just now.
It's totally what i needed, the Worship, The Sermon, fellowship.. It's just like hearing what God has to say before you are off the road to do His things. I love it during when i hear during the sermon "Everything is changing! Technology is changing the world upside down! So True =)"

Personally i would love to express my joy for EPCC =) when i heard Pastor Sam was saying that EPCC is starting a church or session soon in Bukit Martajam for the Members there, mostly from Uitms, and also having the 2 shoplots beneath EPCC to renovate to become Chinese Church =) Praise God!

Well just a short update =) Did not mean to blog long, infact i guess i am very used to random post bloggings now, which thought might use tumblr but blogspot is my focus for now.. I guess People sure say 
" waaa you blog so many and so often, everyday face laptop meh?" 

Ya right... I blog a post would not take up 1 hour like how i did years ago, i blog this in 10 minutes. LOL.

Signing off =) In studio doing assignments. Glad to have motivations and inspirations to keep on going on and on. Praise God. Hallelujah!

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