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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[1/9/2010] A Child like Excitement

Hi World =) Meet the not-so-Tree-Hugger =)

It's 1/9/2010 already, the last month of my 3rd Quarter, Quarter of Management
Just woke up from a 5 hours nap because of a sleepless night and going to studio to do the same thing again.
Raya is definitely going to be an all about managing timeline, flooded with 6 assignments as well as some really important friends catchup to do back in KL + Singapore trip.  Just to remind myself again..

1. 2 Autocad Assignments due next wed (8/9/2010)
2. 50 Pages of ArchiDesign Principle, featuring the CURVE (12/10/2010)
3. 15 Pages of "How Architects address the Global Issue into the local context" (21/9/2010)
4. 10 pages of "The current issues of Regional Urban Planning" (28/9/2010)
5. Land Survey Report 100pages
6. Studio Assignment Model

Holiday Timeline
3-5/9/2010 LLDS at Batu Feringgi
6-9/9/2010 In KL =) Going to assignment gaogao!
10-13/9/2010 Heading to Singapore
14-16/9/2010 Back to KL
17/9/2010 Might be back to USM already due to assignment purpose.

Owh man so looking forward for a fruitful trip in Singapore, really want to visit URA Exhibition center so much, really could help some of my assignments much =)

‎And let me tell you what is the most exciting thing during Holiday =) Yea Y.E.S Youth Energy Squad will go public with the new launch blog and campaign soon as well as SMS event coming up!

Owh man, i miss them so much =) Too bad not all coming to LLDS =/
 God is awesome this week! 

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