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Friday, September 17, 2010

[18/9/2010] Why i admire Caveman so much?

Hi World =) It's a whole new week again. 
back in USM just now and could feel the pace is back to race with assignments and the happening September =) Thanks to Wilson Ng for fetching me and PekLin to accompany Gia for her final supper in Malaysia. Hope our awesome intern did enjoy Malaysia very much =)

I was  thinking again, as i am browsing through Story of Stuff website. I could really conclude that i admire Caveman a lot because of the simplicity of the life then. Like what i always believe, marketing and consumerism are the ones killing the earth. The Story of Stuff revealed many things.

1. Do we know what are we using? 
If i am a caveman, i would have know because i get them with my own hands.
2. Are we really sure what goes into Recycle Bins will be recycled?
Who knows they will be downcycle even before recycle?
3. Why are we so hook up with getting the latest technology?
And then you could throw away the less than 3 month olds technology even though it is still usable.
4. Then why aren't those industry safety board doing their Jobs to protect the people?
Because Corporates are bigger than Government sometimes to shut their mouth.

I could write a book after reading these few short films.. thanks to Story Of Stuff, please visit them =)
Hope that these few short films could inspire and trigger you to really think, instead of being an item in the whole cycle to be used by them.

The World is.. really just so sick. Everything is ok.. until the starting of Industry Age, Marketing and Consumerism comes in, and everything changes, now with Social Media power, it's just like adding a bomb after another. How can we, the future generation really help this situation?

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