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Thursday, September 16, 2010

[16/9/2010] It's 1609. It's not about the Constitutional, but Citizens, You.

And yea that was what i was feeling. Still could not believe that even on a ride back home via LRT could hear people talking about Politics when it is 1609. Like what i have mentioned, Social Media is just so powerful today, most politicians also have their own blogs and fan page to grab the attentions of the youths today, so called future leaders of the Nations.

Social Media is the cause, that really deepen the gap of information and knowledge, exposure. Try putting any random group of youths in juxtaposition that you get what i mean, i met people who have not really 1Malaysia as a big thing simply because racial integration has been there since young for them, also meeting people who is always that stereotype to think Chinese is the best to improve the country. An example will be this =)

Yea thanks to YouTube and Facebook, streamed the song "I am Macha" Catchy and Nice lyrics =)
I personally think there is a distinctive racial integration difference determined by Geographical Area. Like in KL and PJ i believe we are well done with it, but doubt from Ipoh and Taiping as well as Penang. This is what i heard from most of the Malays as well. "Budak Cina dari KL and PJ memang lebih friendly laa dan open berbanding tempat lain~" I felt there so much in Matrics, to be honest.

Well back to the topic, yes it is not about the constitutional, but Citizens like you.You can talk so much about the 2nd stimulus package worth 60 billion not doing good, you can talk about how failure the Iskandar Zone, talk about the Millions spend on our Astronaut to Space.. so many things that our government is doing you can point out very well. But how many of us are really able to point out to OURSELVES instead to say "Hey,  there is something certainly i can do, instead of just sitting back here and waiting for Miracle to happen in this nation.

As i am typing this post, i am listening to "God in this City" By Passion
Cause Greater things have yet to come, cause greater things are still to be done in this City.
Penang, we will change you =)

Some random pictures from Teluk Chempedak =) Monkeys really attack you just because of KFC. haha.

Next time want to go Sg Lembing =)

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