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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[16/9/2010] Happy Birthday Malaysia =)

Yes people that's right =) This is Teluk Chempedak, all along before this i only knew about Cherating.
I was in Kuantan for 26 hours. More pictures could be view here!
Man i really love the skyline that could really defined the world is curve. It was pure spontaneous intention to go Kuantan by the way, but totally blessed to have the opportunity to meet with Jessica, Nicholas, Sinying and Shey Man, knowing that they are the busy gang. haha.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!
Just for some people who does not know how special 1609 is it compared to Independence day, it is the day where the states of Sarawak and Sabah joined Malaya (then) in 1963 to form the Federation of Malaysia. It’s the first time the country celebrates the occasion with a public holiday. So it’s a good time to take stock of our race relations and understand the real problem we are confronting as a nation. It's good to see youths taking up the efforts to reminisce the real meaning of 1Malaysia, all the best to Cyan with her 1609 project.

I was reading Penang Economic Monthly Magazine on the way back from Kuantan. Basically talks about the past, current and future of Penang development, aligning with the 10th Malaysia plan. I would not go in detail but there is this sentence who catch my eyes. It is written by Chan Huan Chiang, the senior research at SERI.

"In other words, it is not the constitution, buildings, locations and architecture that form a city, but the citizens themselves. Democracy, which means "people power" by the way, is the way to discover and apply what Georgetown needs to regain its vibrancy" Local Governance, where the ambitious of both government and people can meet, needs to be our focus.

The whole magazine reflects the truth, so many PSD scholars are heading out, our country is facing a serious brain drain problem. Or let us see it this way, a lot of talents are going out from Penang, to KL, next Singapore. Why? Pay quality and job opportunities? Penang is facing brain draining problem as well as proper IT development. I foresee that penang just need to retain more youths to support its IT development to attract foreign investors, infact a lot of KL developers are already coming to Penang. But many undergraduates seeks to go KL first for a better life.

What i mean is,
Come'on people! Let's really stay back and Develop Penang man! Create the opportunities for ourselves!

As reflected by the phrase above, The citizens form the city. If we have an inclining average age in Penang than very certain that the future of it lies at edge of a needle. Let's not hope what the government can do for us so much, let's see what us, the citizens can do, we shall not wait for 10th Malaysia plan, or 11th or so on, neither NEP, or NEM, let us just create the opportunities ourselves. Penang has a well potential to begin with but hardly any undergraduates or youth entrepreneur would want to be the catalyst for the awesome place.

What i have been observing is quite worrying too, even, what has USM really done to the community and social impact, that i would really love to know. Knowing that penang must be focusing on cultural heritage tourism, how can we ensure sustainable growth? At the moment, 5 major projects are on proposals.

1. Bayan Mutiara, Property Division of PDG.
2. Penang International Convention Centre PICC
3. Crag Hotel
4. Fort Cornwallis (further refurbishment)
5. Gold & Jewellery Bazaar

And of course, the much awaiting 2nd Penang Bridge project. That really needs to help to develop the Bayan Lepas Area with heavier industry. But that does not solve the problem, more bridge = more cars, eventually means, more roads need to be developed. which only means one thing, please develop better public transport infrastructure! I do understand LRT light rail transit is hard to develop. Monorail is really well preferred due to the constrain of spaces in the well protected heritage city. Thus, Monorail + Rapid Penang + A single way Train from Butterworth to Komtar and Bayan Lepas will do just good! My 2 sens =)

Below is the video of the expansion of Penang Bridge. Have fun =)

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