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Sunday, September 12, 2010

[13/9/2010] Penang Inspired Budak KL

Morning World =) Yes haha it does. Penang Inspired Budak KL. 

So you get the idea? Somehow there is this uneasiness feeling when i step into any shopping malls, well generally any shopping malls la. Not Penang or KL, but perhaps because KL and Singapore has so many shopping malls, even though with those awesome architecture piece, there will still be this statement stirring up my heart.

And yes i could really feel belong to the hawker stalls in Penang rather than the shopping malls. Too many things are being commercialized and a lot of 'green' marketing. People might be thinking of me.. "owh budak bandar... memang la jenis shopping gila itu" Truth is, i only shop for hobbies like cameras and books and musical instruments and sportswear, never ever into a fashion shop, and most of the time my hang out is in Sg wang plaza or Perangin Mall. 

Plastic bag is one factor. Imagine me just buying a RotiBoy, and i will need to get a plastic no matter what and also with the packaging inside. Do i ever need a plastic bag for a single packaging? Receipt and all, do i need those and stuff into my wallet and soon to be thrown off? Aesthetic lighting, an average of 50w for each bulb wasted. The most frightening thing i realized is, so many things are changing so fast that we, humans do not realize it, and we were the ones that decide on these changes.

Take it example, i was working the basement level of One Utama, so many shops, particularly, slimming centers, body building supplies, fitness centers, massaging centers, professional skin care and products etc. In this single field, i could say that we are just so sick. Why on earth do we need all these services when human beings can actually do one thing called exercise. How much exactly of CO2 has been thrown with those unnecessary logistics and marketing. 

Why are we being so competitive in marketing, why not we all combine to build the most perfect ever? Nokia Samsung and Sony and other similar companies can produce an everlasting sustainable handphone, which is at 10 years technology update. The marketing today does not provide you the best, or not they are out of products to compete in the market against the other. Apple launch it's so called very perfect looking Ipad, but i can bet after 9 months a new version will be released. With so many constant updates, electronic waste is so gonna be sick, and all these waste goes to China as America export the old ones to the mainland and import the new ones. SICK! Really such an inconvenient truth!

Professor Lee did always remind me these 2 words. "So what?"
You have a plastic recycling exhibition, you have the days off without plastic bags, you have the oh-so-good towards environmental days. So what? most of us felt like doing good after walking into crowds and show up those banners about anti plastic. So what? the CO2 auditing from your efforts on doing the banners + materials might make your campaign worst.

You see, so many youths today, i want to be the change i want to be the change! It's the century where people say, Stop thinking, Start Changing. But that's totally just like a time bomb. What i really want to see is where youth Stop Changing and Start Thinking. Especially the world today with Social Medias people could just do the change they want. Why? because it's free! Another SICK!

Even my hamster could think better =D So sustainable of being in the cage, at least he is not polluting the environment. Are we?


  1. shared the same thoughts.ultimate sustainability can hardly be achieved unless CAPITALISM is replaced or changed..peace!

  2. nice post! totally agree especially about the plastic bags. No idea why would people would give me a plastic bag for a can drink I buy. I love to say `No, thanks' and really hope others will do the same. Cheers