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Friday, September 10, 2010

[10/9/2010] Remembering the History Makers

Thanks to Kevin, i have been posting up this picture for quite some time already.
Well though i do not really know how many of us really keep this down but certainly a picture that you could see everyone smiles, and yea i pin it up on my hostel room by the way =)

Reason why i suddenly posting this up is the inspiration behind the 30minutes catch up with Pn Saik, the beloved class teacher for 2 years 4Angsana 2006 and 5Angsana 2007, and also the teacher advisor for Christian Fellowship which i was once active back in highschool. Thank God her house is just beside Kelana Jaya LRT, because it was just a spontaneous visit. Thought of tagging Michelle to go along first but guess she is in outstation.

Just for those who are wondering, Pn Saik is doing really well =) Most likely to retire in 2 or 3 more years time because 58 is the max Government servicing period. I really thank God, for many little wonders happened during my highschool, she was one of them. That is how powerful a teacher can be. They are the second after parents to determine our personality building during our school times. I guess we all still remember the small jokes we played about her.. (right?) but i believe that each one of us still treasures the significance of teachers in our lives, and also,the impact that each one of us have touched among ourselves in the 2 years time.

Happy Hari Raya! And sorry if i have crossed any strings =) Always keep you in prayers! Knowing that so many of us are all around the world right now, let's just hope there will be a reunion in the same exact class room ok =) BTW 2 new 4 floors blocks are done. Missing you bunch of awesome people, guess the only DJian i am still in touch is WenAnn. Guess it is really hard to meet DJians in Local Uni, as far as i know only 3 entered and only me in USM penang.. =) Studying Architecture. And yes i am back in PJ for rayab break now! =)

Well just some couple of shots to reminisce the nice time =)

1 Cengal 2003

2 Cengal 2004

3 Cengal 2005

4 Angsana 2006

5 Angsana 2007

F5T1 Malacca Matriculation College, Note i am the only chinese then =)

And currently USM Housing Building and Planning School, Architecture 2nd year.

And yea the photographers need to run and disappear in photos. hehe =)

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