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Thursday, September 9, 2010

[10/9/2010] A place called Home! =)

Morning world! Yea it's 3am right now and first time in my life blogging from Hospital.. Just some updates as well as Sharing =) First, Thank God i bought the cheap multi function 25bucks IKEA lamp! Needed some lighting at the corner just so much! 
*Blames on poor Architect who does not take account the ratio of lighting/room area. and furthermore the window you see here from my room is the bottom part of the light tunnel of the condominium, so means it is dark! and cold =) *due to no sunlight exposure.

And back from Curve! Miss the place so much as i was working in IKEA before! =) Spent 150bucks on these innocent books. Finally got Jared Diamond's Guns Germs and Steel, i am reading his latest "Collapse" right now though. And gotten a new set of strings for my wife!

This 2 weeks break is really flooding me somehow. Its like really want to travel in the same time getting resources to finish up assignments. I realize when i mention travelling, i do not mean by really just going enjoying, i believe every architects will put on the very critical sight when they venture into the new place, by studying the new social system, culture integration, history of the place etc. It's our task to understand the place first before really proposing an idea. I thought of going Singapore, Kuantan, Ipoh, Alor 

Star.. i don't know, but basically places. Don't mind the company, as long i have my Camera to be my best friend for the trip. But for now i am really thinking to have 1 night in Kuantan, then back to Penang early and go up to Alor Star. 

Oh well, and Mom is totally true, asking why am i not spending much time at home while i have the whole year busying already. Why am i still having sleepless nights when i have had enough in Uni life? But i think i am rotting good at home. Like, i really did roll well in my bed =) that's all i needed. And for now, i am suddenly glad i am far away in USM, cannot imagine if i am in UM and i have the sense of responsibility to be at home when i want to. The time that i involve into activities suddenly mean a lot to me. God really did have awesome plans for me to be in Penang.

"A Blank Calender, Empty Seats, and a gaze at the Sunlight Beams" 
Take away the routine and agenda you have, take away the networking or people you meet, look at the ordinary moments, and you will see how truly wonderful God is behind all these small, insignificant things. 

Just a simple photoshop Image, i kinda trying to focus on posting more conceptual photography on www.genography.blogspot.com.

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