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Thursday, August 5, 2010

[5/8/2010] I promise to...

I promise myself... in the month of August, or basically after this...
1) To drink at least 3 liters of water everyday.
2) To read Daily Bread via online everyday, and post up the verse on Facebook wishing a happy day!
3) Smile everyday...
4) Give thanks for everything, Praise God for every uneasy tasks.
5) Read finish 2 books, Namely "Hot, Flat & Crowded by Thomas L Friedman" and "Collapse by Jarod Diamond"

And few things i shall look forward for =)
1. Terengganu Study Trip next weekend!
2. LC USM LLDS. or Facilitating LC UUM LLDS in Penang.
3. Singapore! 1st week of raya break!

4. Medan! 2nd week of raya break!
5. Random Architecture photography outing while Assignment search for suitable building in KL during holidays!

Well all in all, Personal and Family time is always ahead of others. and got to write my BM essay now... and then AUTOCAD assignment.. due tomorrow.. and lastly, Modelling over the weekend! =) 

9pm having worship practice later with Joanna and Bay.. and PKA Persaudaraan Kristian Agape first official meeting shall start tomorrow! =D wiipieee!

Give thanks to the Lord! =D

Pic on Right> well we are all graduating very soon as well =)