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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

[4/8/2010] A story of me & Facebook =) More than a Social Platform

Hi World! It's 2am and i am in Istimewa, blames USM HotSpot for not able to log into Gmails. yes it is the very meaningful and nostalgic Convocation of Universiti Sains Malaysia again. It was the opening Ceremony with the presence of  Raja of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin ibni Almarhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail, Chancellor and Vice Chancellor that marked the opening of a meaningful week! And also am glad to be in the lunch with respective 100+ student leaders, comprising of all clubs and MPP MPDs. It just felt so awesome to be in the amid of the crowd which shares one goal =)

Yes, Ice Carving instead of ribbon cutting to mark the opening. Nice!

Yea so guess you heard the title, not like i have a love affair with a book i need to face. I just realized lately how much this virtual platform has really changed much of me, especially in terms of networking. I had my facebook active during late matrics.. which is 2009 beginning i think. It was actually in the trend way earlier but i  was not caught up. Then i started.

And then certainly it was way different from Friendster, everyone knows that* Till when i laid my first step into USM i realize how much this platform could perform, more than a social platform. I was having my DSLR then, at first with the intention of Assignments documentation purpose. Then i remember the first event album i took was the Orientation week. And ever since, stuffs changed.

I have taken around 20 events in and out USM then. And being the one with more than 100 albums in facebook with most of them events, i could say it's a total hit what i expected. When Photography meets Facebook, there comes Networking. You know how it works... tagtagtag and then people will spread the news by themselves.  People started asking me for shooting event, and i found the passion and satisfaction of doing so. On the other note ( it's been 1 good year of event photography, but i will start to focus on ArchiPhotography and Astrophotography soon).

I do not want to talk about Networking here, having 1800+ friends of course people will start questioning the true friends i know. I do filter what i post up by the way, privacy is well understood and i have my reasons for adding up acquaintances. The point of this post is that i feel Facebook is like a test and trial platform at some point, besides some fan page and a common platform for various events.

I started 4 groups. 

This will be the latest one. AIESEC IN USM : .Y.E.S Youth Energy Squad. 
This aims to be the virtual platform for publicity and awareness for the new project i am doing, It is about Energy usage and the environmental impacts. will work more on the potential of the group page once i have the team ready =) 80 people so far.

This one is the surprise i am talking about. MLUEP Malaysia Local Universities Event Platform. 

This is rather inspiring even for myself i guess, i thought of this during MyLDS Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar, the session headed by Joel Neoh, founder of YouthAsia. During the workshop, me and few other AIESECers are thinking about some current issues and solutions. I proposed this. Because i see there is a rising demand of active students from all universities want to know what is happening in other universities. ( even if they do not, simply because they have not even thought of it! because they have not seen such platform!) And to my surprise the group grew to 380 people while i did not touch much. It was like a trial group i would say. If this could really work out, then it's some business i guess. Imagine all the events in all universities appear like a tweetdeck. Even there are people promoting about PA system and Project Management business in the group, so what i am heading up actually, 

"this platform is not only potential to be a student idea sharing place, but where youth companies and various CSR could come in to find possibilities!"

Next would be SEA-ASIP South East Asia Architecture Students Ideas Platform
Yea this is a trial group with just 10 members, but i will see it like a long term seeding, i still have 4 more years in the Architecture Studies, i am just putting this up hopefully i can get into some useful contacts by my 4th year to do something big with Architecture Conference after i am done with AIESEC and other major activities. Possible of doing a Architecture Cultural Forum among the SEA Countries

USM Open Relay Group. One of the proud events and i love it. We were the batch who started off this project, finally, after 2 years of some problems. But as a Marketing and Publicity Director, i started this group for easier communication.  USM Open Relay is a Track Relay event 4x400 and many similar ones more, it's open as anyone in Malaysia is welcome to join. For USM Open Relay 2011 we are targeting overseas people to join! Indonesia and Singapore? do join us if you feel free!

and that is pretty much where i link people to go to. Well yea i have yet to really share all the stories, but this is like.. the behind plans of facebook la, though its a great social platform, and facebook has been constantly changing its elements according to needs. Thumbs Up.

But one story WHICH I DISLIKE.
When marketers or events come into facebook requiring people to like the certain picture or page.
It's just like as similar as collecting people's email address from every survey.
It's not really friendly to get friends approach to you ask them to like this and that and it all appears like MLM MultiLevelMarketing personalities. oh well...

So that's my story with Facebook =) Partially. how about yours! 

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