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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

[4/8/2010] Let's talk about BOOKS

 Hi World it is a great Wednesday once again =)

It's a great day of leisure! so gonna have a great night of task/assignment!
Someone says she is surprise that i have 5 blogs, well actually i have more than that due to events bloggings and also Google even send me verification code when i added more blogs. But well, i am trying to put blog as a habit and stop really talk too much.

It's a good fun day of CONVEX, which really stir your thoughts. i still have 4 more years!

Meeting with CETREE USM En Badrol was  awesome, excited to know more progress to come, thanks Nicholas for accompanying me. This is just.. .big perhaps?

And am glad to have a get away with Vivian to watch SALT in QBAY. I had my whole day free, class cancelled =) I have not been movies for almost half a year i think. She and her converse =D

The skylight by the walls always amaze me.

And yea, let's talk about books. Stumbled in BORDERS QBAY on this thing =) Yes it is definitely something. " Hot Flat and Crowded" By Thomas L Friedman. I believe so many others have read it before this. I was just waiting for a cheap sales for this book but well.. since i met HooiFong and i can get a 20% off, sums up 48 bucks. why not =)

But talking about books again...

I think i can open a library in Tekun already. am just tagging you if you are interested to borrow any of my book =) Architecture, Management, Photography magazines, MATRADE Resource, Biographies, Marketing, Companies...