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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[26/8/2010] "Sustainable" is a Taboo

Yes you got that, after a 2hours random-planned-whatever chat with Professor Lee Lik Meng from Healthy Campus, i came out with this thought. Or rather i will say Sustainable is overrated. I am writing this again because i would want to remind myself of certain points. You could ask someone to talk about sustainable the whole day to you but you would not just understand because the word itself represents much more than the eyes could meet. 

I blog before about this, students seek for short term credits, they do events, they do it big, but what is really going to happen even 1 month after that, it is not being evaluated. What impact it gives the community or target audience, what type of KPI, how do we really think of a sustainable project and sustainable impact, that really needs some good thought to deal with..

Reason of me meeting him is to discuss about SMS Sustainable Mini Summit, which i am initiating on the 9th October, organized by AIESEC in USM, partnership with the Secretariat of Sustainable development and CETREE. I would just come out to this point, it takes a mind breaking session to really think of a sustainable project. It is mind killing enough, most of you by right now when you read this you would not understand the different perspective we were talking about. 

The reasons i am initiating SMS is because i feel there is an urgent agenda to bring the different sustainable projects running by different clubs/academics/person to a state of awareness and understanding. I simply feel we could not continue organizing green events with our own agendas because whatever it is to do with green effort is to be done together to achieve the wanted impact. That's why, through this summit, i hope to bring passionate people, as well as most first years to really experience and understand the current Green initiatives and happenings around USM, and come to a proposing of a major plan where all different clubs can involve by taking up different functional responsibility in the huge project. Anything you could name it, Energy wastage, waste management, Green plate, and so many others.

I am still cracking my head to think the agenda for the one day mini summit. To think of how to delegate the tasks to Y.E.S Youth Energy Squad new team. There is certainly more than what they could expect to learn about. I would not say, i, but we (when all come to this state of understanding) will want to bring out an effective and sustainable project by itself next semester, then hit the medias to make it right, hitting the right audience and that's when we are on track. 

I know we are behind track, but it is ok to think again of what to really hit about. 9 October 2010. Keep that day free because that's when green leaders and people come together for a great sharing session, and execution time.

I am tagging you because i wish that you are in the same track of thinking =) 

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