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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[25/8/2010] I'm an Architecture Student and am Lovin' it!

 It's 1.25am now! Morning World! Wishing you to have a blessed Thursday ahead =) CG outing was awesome =D went to Pulau Tikus for LokLok, so yes just imagine with the picture!

 And i guess i tasted the best ever burburcharchar there (till i don't even know how to spell the name properly) but that's what everyone says man.. welcome to Penang people =)

Thinking that one year has been a flash, how many crazy Facebook groups have been done, how many events management and communication kit have been launched, how many quarters of different goals have achieved.. you see..

It's just like a light tail of events, you see the chain of reaction.

Some.. ok not some, quite countable amount of people had the thought of asking me, (ok i know you even  do too) "Why are you not in MassCom/Graphic Com and in Architecure instead" Ok to be honest, i do ask myself a lot of time the same question when people bring it up, all i do is just replying with a smile. haha.

My intention of choosing the course of Architecture is simple, with the factor being influenced by watching too much Discovery Channel or self initiative studies, but without the factor of arts and hand creativity. I foresee Architecture as one of the most impactful career in the future, i did not intend to go into detail building designs, open up firms or whatsoever, No. I came into the field of Architecture specifically Urban Planning because i know it's where i can make the change to change the world to be a greener place. Sustainability or not, i do not hope the word is a Taboo, but hey, green is the Gold market of 2020 onwards believe it or not.

Then you will ask me again, why you would want to enter Architecture instead of Urban Planning, my answer is not because of the different profession neither understanding of Job Description, because Architecture generally covers the surface of all the other major fields in Housing Building and Planning, name it, Interior Designing, Quantity Surveying, Land Building Surveying, Urban Planner, Construction Management.. I would want to specialize into Green Research, Green Urban Planning consultation, pretty much inspired by Prof Lee LikMeng, Coordinator of Healthy Campus, thanks to the precious "Freestyle" meeting i had with him for the past few months =) There is much more issues most students are not aware of the Gold & Green world outside. We may think that we fully understood the concept now, with thinking must follow GBI and have sustainable design outside there, wait till they read "Green to Gold by Esty Winston" or also "Zoom by Lain Carson" then we shall see how teriffying soon we may be.

Then you ask me back to the basic question, why not Mass Com? why not Graphic Com? Why not Management? I LOVE THOSE, to be very honest. but i think i will take these as the basic skills i need to leverage future plans. Face it or not, i believe these courses are being practised by basically, everyone, and it takes great initiative and networking to come out successfully in these fields. And yes it is definitely not the precise way to say that people who studies Mass Com are good in talking, neither Graphic Com knows well about designing for the market, these courses, or in my case, i will say Skills, are all pure hands on skills.

And now, if you would want me to talk about my Double A syndrome, Archi + AIESEC, i could write a book about it =) but those who understand me, they sure know why i still remain in AIESEC =) despite the objective of an Architecture student is hard to be seen by others to allign with the principle of thoughts.

Just some happenings of the past week =)
MPD Tekun, great transition begins with Great responsibility.

HBP Senior and Junior stay, i did not regret after all, for not going to SNL and the meet with Michael Teoh on sunday morning just for this event. Even though i did not talk much in the stay, but definitely i am glad to be part of the event too =)

May this week ends well =) with a 4 days holiday and also 4 great crazy interesting assignments for this raya holiday. Now that is one small part of HBP life. hahaha.

p/s Looks like i am going to join USM Open Relay 2011 this time also =) They need Publicity Communications dude, and i will meet their needs.
p/p/s and also really thinking of developing MLUEP Malaysia Local University events platform group i started in Facebook to be a greater one!

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