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Friday, August 20, 2010

[21/8/2010] This is WEIRD.

I do not mean to make this big, but i just need an explanation. I do not want your agreement, but i just want the answers. Yes there you go, i remember a couple of weeks ago, Wilbur, Melanie, Wilson, Monica and me went to Gurney for a walk. then on the way to other shopping mall, we stopped at this road, and took a couple of pictures..  We saw this road called C. O. LIM and thought it would be cool because me and wilbur are both LIMs. This is what wilbur took with..Again because we thought it will be fun with a C (E) O Lim.

This is the one i took, on the 7/8/2010Uploaded to the album of August Random.
Then after that thought it would be nice to i made it my profile picture on the 10/8/2010.

 So you get the situation? The Plate name changed. From C. O. Lim to G. H. Lim. WITHOUT any PHOTOSHOP EDITING from me. even if i do, it's very obvious due to my poor skill of it. At first i saw a lot of people like also, then very happy and all and even tell my mom i have a road in penang. LOL. But only until just now. 

 I agree with Jin Bang, there are only 2 possibilities for such thing to happen. 
1) Someone hack into my facebook account and Photoshop my Profile picture.
2) Facebook has some blessed automatic feature that can change a road name to your road name.

Very Obvious 2nd Option is out, it's just too detailed for facebook to have such a thing -.-.. Then it comes up to a thought that someone sure hack my account and change my profile picture, but why would people edit the picture for me for my benefit? And the G H picture is uploaded on the 10th. The same day which i myself made it as profile pic when i thought it is C O. Or the 3rd choice would be... weird. Below is just a comparison for you to see if you think there is a photoshop editing. No one has the high resolution picture except me.

So to any experts or whoever outside there, again, i do not seek for your agreement like "sure not you edit wan ar or whatever" cause i know its hard to believe at some points, but i just want to know, is there any possibilities of hacking into my account and photoshopping the road name? and why? I need answers.

Or better so, if you know you are the hacker, please tell me now so i can stop worrying -.-" 

and also, if i would have been so free to edit this road plate to prank all of you, i would not  even have the time to blog about this!