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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

[17/8/2010] What's gonna happen in 2020?

Hi World! It's a whole new week with great surprises ahead!
With many plans that plan my next following few weeks to be a mysterious one. 


Studio trip to Terengganu was truly a blessing one, not only really got an eye opener for the distinctive architectural elements of Terengganu but also the foster of deeper friendship among the studio mates.

And yea certainly the Chinese Village does give me a good scent on their Architecture Influence, could relate so much to my mom's hometown in the West Coast, Sitiawan in Perak. certainly made me curious about the China Old time sailors, how they spread their influence.

I was in RPK231 class just now, Principles of Planning. It's actually one of the few class i really enjoyed for this semester, lecturer was talking about Men and Environment, giving out examples and all. Then there was this topic struck in, the lecturer is a masters and PhD graduate from Tokyo, he was mentioning the reverse pyramid situation in Japan, the nation with current economy bubble issue.,which the average life age has increased over the years, more old age communities rather than young energetic youth in the nation, and then there was this island that there is only 60 years old above. 

I could not stop agreeing with what he said, all the books i have read before, "Hot, Flat, Crowded by Thomas L Friedman" , "Collapse by Jared Diamond" , and "The Meaning of 21st Century by James Martin" ALL OF THEM did touch this point. Then i pointed out to him,

"Sir, it is said by a lot of writers that by 2020, 70% of the world population is going to be in Cities, i am afraid with what you have said just now is something Universal, it is happening since years ago, what will happen to towns like Sitiawan, Taiping, Sikh, any small towns during 2020?" 
He answered " Slowly it will be gone" 

And you are hearing that from a PhD holder from Japan, i am not saying he is wrong, in fact he is Horrifyingly RIGHT. Sooner or later you will see how our current Malaysia National 5 years plans slowly lead to this situation unless there is a potential distinctive role given to these small towns to develop or, having a good infrastructure going through all the small towns. 

About BULLET Train
But talking about Infrastructure, many people talk about Bullet Train in Malaysia, people wants new and latest. But i will disagree, Bullet Train is totally not relevant to the distribution of cities in Malaysia. Imagine a train that travels 350km/h that needs to stop for at least 8 major stops in 400km distance.  First is Maintenance problem, second is population, not everyone is able to sit bullet train. If you want to build a bullet train from Penang to Singapore, what a waste.  China could do it well, infact they NEED it, because their Major Cities are as far as 600-1000km apart. Gamuda did propose once from KL to Singapore, but it was scrap.

The current regional planning involves with much Northern and Southern Corridor Development, Penang and Johor Bahru. I am expecting to see a flow where most of the people in Pahang will slowly move to Kuantan. People in Perak, chinese from small towns all going to Ipoh, Terengganu people all shifting to Kuala Terengganu. This happens by assuming if the Generation Y seeks for better living, one of the reason again is the alarming increasing gap of rich and poor in this nation. Sorry i am not filled with statistics with what i said though. 

Then i ask Lecturer again "If this is happening then, why it did not happen for the past few decades?" Now why do you think so? Paradigm Shift? 
 Even the Turtles in Terengganu wonder where they will be heading to during 2020.

This is just one of the many issues we are facing soon, 
Generation Y? We should really start asking ourselves WHY.

It takes a real passion to be a great Architect, Architects who really relate to mother nature when it comes to designing in all circumstances, a great respect to the green.  If you are going for a profitable task, then prepare for many sinful projects that you would not even remember they are.

The Tsunami Watch Tower was built few years ago, even lecturer say, as years goes by, people will slowly off duty from the tower and tear down the tower. 

We are all just in a boiling water, not a boiled water, we are adapting to the problems, we are not hearing, someone needs to shout. Are you the one?

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