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Sunday, August 15, 2010

[16/8/2010] Classic Stories!

Hi world! Greetings from Terengganu!
And yea most probaby my first and last post blogging all the way from Terengganu.

As i am doing this, i am uploading close to 500 pictures up to facebook =) 
Overall Terengganu is really a suitable 2 nights backpacking place! Felt like doing the east coast rally, Kota Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan.. then JB. Certainly a very different cultural experience compared to the west coast. Sorry Lesley for not able to be in CellGroup tonight.. and Sorry Nicholas for not able to be in Departmental meeting and also GT to assist you and the team yesterday... Oh by the way, team allocation is out =) And i do not know whether i should be glad to have a 7 all girls team under AIESEC in USM, Y.E.S Project, well which the Project Director so happen to be the only guy in the team... 

 Well so guess what i found!

This is what i call Classic. haha i remember of playing those so much during my childhood, especially back in my mom's Hometown Sitiawan. Owh man really missing that place! the food, the people, the small town. Well i do not really know what to call this, but it was pretty popular during my childhood time then, Right now you could not really find it anymore, except for those pop pop. Just in case you do not know again, this is a so called toy gun which really use gun powder, which you still really make a "Bang" but nothing comes out of it.

LOL look at the rules and regulation, the gun cost 3.50 and one piece of 72 shots cost 1 ringgit. Bought like 500 bullets, thought could be nice to use in some Drama or Sound effect for anything... =)

p/s Now i realize even though i am in the MPD Tekun, if my room is being spotcheck, i am so dead because i have Parang, Hammer, and right now this. Well Parang was because of my bamboo project during first Semester..  OK so i am heading back now! =D

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