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Thursday, August 12, 2010

[13/8/2010] A word or two for the busy Juniors =)

Greetings Comrades! =) Yes i am in the bus now heading to Terengganu for Architecture Site Visit... just had this free time to blog about a word or two about activities..  Few juniors approach and mentioned before about Activities and Academic.. owh well which in my term i am having the interesting time management between the Double A, Architecture and AIESEC.

Anyways, my advise is simple, for now, most juniors will yet to truly understand their stands and goals to achieve in university, you will definitely need time to indulge into the culture of USM and truly understand how things work in USM. And to be honest USM is one most blessed University for the activities going on, HEP is good with the students.  You can go crazy with joining a lot of activities because generally that is what all first years go craze about. You will need the direction and to know the many differences of cultures of different clubs/organizations. However, my advise for AFTER a semester, you should know that joining activities is not just about because your friend is there or whatsoever, but more than that. 

I have learnt my lessons, sometimes i choose to busy the wrong activities, lead to more networking, thus more opportunities come in, BUT also more not good opportunities come in because it is not aligned with your goal. Yes so you get it, it is all about the goal and the brand you want people to know about you. For now i have set myself to be in the field of Sustainable projects and Photography. 

Well before this i was all along indulge into Publicity and Marketing field.. Start building up your identity in the first few events in University in the first semester, know well what you are good at actually, then do it well and let people know you and people will find you for the next few events. 

Networking is not all about knowing people, be careful with who you know because everyone carries different opportunities. It is about knowing the right people who needs you in the end.
That is just about Activities, while for Academics, i could not elaborate much because i am a HBP student and my perception towards academics will be very different compared to other courses like management. We are quite heavy on Assignments.

Hope this helps you, just my 2 sens.
reminded of my Shanghai Exchange =) Had fun teaching students!

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