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Thursday, August 12, 2010

[13/8/2010] Of White Coffin, Plastic Bags and an understanding of a bigger picture

Greetings World! =) Yes it is close to 5 am now and after dealing with some work stuff now i thought of blogging about something really urged me to write about it before i am off from the internet for the next 4 days.. and because i will be away to Terengganu =)

First of all, Congratulations to I C U , you can read more about it here. Basically the themes are I SEE YOU, I CARE YOU, I COMMUNITY.UNIVERSE. THE EARTH IS IN ICU NOW.

I have much to write about how this event functions as awareness that have created an impact with the close to 100 volunteers, but a simple S.W.O.T analysis could help us understand pretty much. i have much more to write from the perspective of mine but that's not the purpose of this post. All in all, I C U has done the first step it takes, an awareness.

Well , for i always believe
"Implementation is the best awareness"

It's the peak month again, with the busy street, a lot of stalls, a lot of purchasers, a lot of tastings and a lot of wastage. My greatest concern is the hawker stalls, personally i am not involved in the policies of their stalls here whether they are paying USM or not for this site, because if they do, they have to obey the white coffin implementation. If not, that's different story. I asked around the hawkers, what they say is expected.

There are 3 simple factors why Hawkers do not feel encouraged to change from polystyrene to paper container.
1. Polystyrene works better in Heat Insulation
2. Paper container is not really marketable yet, not easy to find.
3. Paper Container is still expensive.
4. They do not really understand the harmful substance behind the usage of it.

Well, there is nothing wrong with any parties, hawkers or the students or purchasers.. Based on my verbal conversations with them, the hawkers are actually very aware of USM White Coffin Policies and supportive about it. Some of them say they would appreciate to see students with their reusable containers. But they have no choice because it's the most economical way of doing it by using polystyrene and the current market does not support this view of solution. Furthermore, nothing is to be blamed on the students who buy using plastic bags and polystyrene again, simply because they have no choice that the hawkers are using it already, with everything packaged.

One of my friend, ChengFai commented that he could not even have a decent dinner because he was so determined not to take away any polystyrene from the Bazaar stalls, this reflects how many stalls are actually using polystyrene. It was so true, even when i have an Eco Bag they still really encourage to give you plastic bags.

If i had the time to deal with this problem, i would start a petition to be signed by thousands of students with Google Docs and submit to state government to deliver the message that USM Students are really up for the vision to see zero waste environment.

We always talk about the 3R, now even 5R,
But do we really know which one comes first again?
Recycle is not always a solution again because it involves energy to do the process.
The focus should be reducing.

So hereby, i think the greater focus of all is waste management. Imagine even though all stalls are using paper box, i think the problem still contributes back to square one, waste management. Yes at least paper box are biodegradable but i could relate to you to a whole lot other issues like energy and manpower wastage to sort out these waste as well, which again it's not truly a smart way of dealing with.

For me, the best solution is to see a policy where everyone really bring their own container, and by using a non toxic, biodegradable and eco friendly detergent where i feel by this way we could really create a zero waste environment.

And yea introducing my sustainable kit. Ecomax Solution, thanks to Sharon who sold to me this earlier semester from her direct sales =) Thanks to the reusable container which i got from MYC Miracle Youth Conference 1 year ago, and the reusable bag which the NGO Greenovate gave me during my 8 weeks internship with them in Shanghai, and the reusable utensil kit i got from Shanghai too, which cost just 3 ringgit, very durable.

And again, what i am pointing out here,

there is only one thing to start with by going green, not by events, not by a relay, nor an engagement with the NGOs to sign a deal to make an impact, but just YOURSELF.
If someone could never get right what is the true meaning or passion of going green, the event will never will. Feel free to give feedbacks or comments on how can we really improve this situation!

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