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Monday, August 9, 2010

[10/8/2010] Tuning into Tuesdays.

Hi World.. It's Tuesday again =) And it's the 3rd day of 40days fasting and prayer.. going well! Well i guess Tuesdays are the happiest day. Just simply because Studio is on Mondays and submission of Assignments shall be done then =P Well weekends are always killed by our assignments in HBP Housing Building Planning.  Yea it was finally the sum up for the 1st Project, Autonomous Toilet.

Was having Crit Session, quite surprising and blessed as well that i was chosen from my group to present. And well it's definitely not well, got a blow from crit from 4 different lecturers, considering one which is part time but working in JKR. But really thank God for such opportunity. Looks like i have quite a  look to look forward for in next Project. And yea i am going to Terengganu this weekend! 

Testing out our Model Shadowing..

A few examples in HBP.. Wind Turbine.. Solar Panels.. and water collection tank from the wakaf.. 

Well just if you are curious. My class and subject schedule is such.
Mondays: Studio 10am-1pm (Assignment Crits) 2pm-5pm (Talks) 7.30-9.30pm CellGroup
Tuesdays: 8-10am (BM Class) 10am-1pm (Principles of Planning) 2-5pm (Principles of Architecture Design)
Wednesday: 2-5pm (AutoCAD Class)
Thursday: 10am-1pm (Land Survey)
Friday: 9am-12pm (Studio)
And i just realized.. almost every weekday night i have meetings... and if a weekend there is no event, then that's probably my most blessed weekend =) which i really wanna roll in my bed and not waking up.

Well Architecture really need a blessed more time compared to management or other students. Because what we do is always about giving our best. Because how we are being judged is how much we put in the effort to find the best design or concept, and that is an endless time of effort because we have just so much to observe. 

Well am suppose to work on AIESEC stuff now but sorry i just feel like blogging =) 

And man i love Planning Classes...
-Fatalities/10000 vehicles.. Eutophia tops with 190. then African 185.. China 140.. Malaysia stands at 11th 5.17.. Singapore 4.30.. New Zealand 1.44..
 -As of the year of 2009, we have 28287400 Population, 17446310 Private Vehicles Ratio Vehicles to Population on 2007 is 0.56, 2008 then 0.59, 2009 then 0.62. I think Singapore is 0.2?

Those things... did i tell you i love to major into Town Planning after finishing Architecture? blog more about it soon =)

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