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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[7/7/2010] PPSL, another Inspiring Chapter

Hey World =)

Yea the last post was like one week ago, guess the reason why i do have procrastinations in blogging sometimes is because of pictures management (you don't hope an essay blog post don't you =P ) Yea so the third quarter has kicked in, time to focus more on management.. Spiritual, Networking, Financial, Time, Ideas.. well i am glad to meet the interns =) Thanks to Anis* all matched girls pulak -.-" Met them today at PUMA Pusat Mahasiswa, and ya it is 7/7! It is Georgetown Heritage day and i told them to go for the festival because no schools will be answering their calls =)

And yea they remind me so much about Shanghai Internship. the 8 weeks dream which just went by like this. And i cannot believe University is starting! it just felt like...

Yea like i have not even been in USM before this. Time just traveled too fast. Yes the above picture is the first picture i took upon arrival to Penang USM =) Exactly one year ago!

And i remembered very clearly that USM Orientation 2009/2010 was a boring, long suffering week, with the crazy walking we had to do, tiring introductions by various departments which i eventually forgot. BUT these 2 weeks really changed my mind. Yea i had an awesome 8 weeks of Shanghai Students Exchange, giving me a long chapter of international social relations and events management. Now it is about my own university and seeing myself being part of the team to ensure we give the best first impression to the new batch of juniors. So it is all about

PPSL Pembimbing Program Siswa Lestari 2010/2011
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here and here =)

This year's student intake went lesser, 2400 students in the main campus, and registration was faster and smooth because we were using E Daftar which just required the junior to present their Identification Card and they could check in. Not surprisingly, because of not having Engineering courses in the main campus, the intake of male students was just 500, out of the 2400 students. So yea think about the ratio =) In Tekun Hostel itself there was 300+ girls and close to only 70 guys.

Yes meet the awesome team. Despite missing out the first phase of the PPSL training, i praise God for a dedicated team to do the best for my hostel (Desa Tekun). A total of 23 of us, doing all the head to toe tasks, registrations, statistics, hospitalities, checking through the hostels, updating with HQ and other hostels.

And yes, to Wilson Beh =) Actually meeting you together in the team was somehow a surprise. Remembering the dude who came into my room during the 1st week of USM and we started talking about AIESEC, and now look at the linkage between us. haha. It's definitely a blessing to have such motivated individual like you to be in the team!
Some Scenes during the Registration day. The timing was such that we had a one week . Tntegration camp before the planning starts. then we had the second phase for a few days for integrated planning. then we head to respective hostels to work out tasks.

And to Abel, nice to see you involving in the orientation this time =) Well perhaps you will remind me of USM everytime i talk to you, because you are the NYDP of the Students Representative Council as well as YDP of PKA. haha. Glad to have a close brother like you =)

Yea it is funny to analyze personalities of new juniors and the things they bring. Some brought just too much, Water also bring! As if there will be drought for the next one week.

And certainly as PPSL i am glad that we had many wonderful opportunities to encounter VIPs personally, We had the Deputy Minister of Education Y.B. Dato' Saifuddin to give a greeting to us after witnessing the welcoming ceremony of the first years. And also i am glad to have many interacting sessions with our dear Vice Chancellor Prof Tan Sri Dato' Dzulkifli Abdul Razak and TNC Professor Omar Osman.

It was quite motivating to have your questions being answered by the most respected people in your life. I remembered asking TNC about if USM has the initiative to purchase Green Power, how about regulations and implementations. Also asking VC about how has USM been impacting the society and social circle in Penang for the past 41 years. Truly salute their facts and experience embedded in their answers. Just makes you feel like asking more and more. And yes they are very friendly, very approachable, just ask anything! Feels like Emailing them after this =) Really, for Energy usage issue in USM.

And yea the first few days of meeting within the Hostel Orientation Committee =)

And the awesome around 150 people PPSL Volunteers taken with our blazers.

It's more than a blessing i would say.
It is awesome to have your experience to share with the new intake students. To involve into the energizer of USM to give the perfect first impression to the newbies. To be the forefront to help them.

For the first time this is the University Event which i join, it's the great event that PPSL, MPP and MPDs joint effort to do so. Indeed everyone in PPSL is inspiring, because i would say all the selected ones are the cream of the cream. Everyone has had a full 1 year of crazy experience in University to share i guess =) AS IN REALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE. crazy people i have met! regardless of whatever activities.

Thanks to the awesome friends outhere =) It's true what we say, by the end of PPSL, Hardly people will know our names, but they just remember PPSL. It is a true volunteer effort, and everyone in the team deserves great respect for this.

Nights of Sleepless hours and Meals skipping each other, but we ENJOY =)

And yeap every hostel will have their hostel freshman dinner. I am glad to meet my school's dean then, as well as our dear TNC again. Felt so fun to say like " I am Gene-Harn, currently 2nd year Architecture Student from HBP" then Dr. Mahyuddin Ramli just went.. "owhhh.... " haha =D We have histories behind this.

I have learnt a lot from the way VC and TNC gave their speech, and the wisdom of their words. What TNC said is true " White Coffin is a approach done by students, we do not want to adopt regulations but we want students to regulate themselves instead. We want them to spark the actions." Therefore, i really want to do this, YES Youth Energy Squad has been something i have been saying since long time, there are tonnes of ideas i am giving out, maybe due to networking, but i just want it to be a big success with well recognized by the Admin later like how much white coffin did.

VC did teach me a lot too. He was answering my question and saying that University was all about Demand and Supply of the industries past few centuries and how Taiwan and Korea manage to get their blue ocean strategy in the silicon market and thanks to their university. And there goes the idea of APEX. Personally i feel it too, APEX is somehow seemed to be a lame thing to some students, but i am optimistic, because i see what is behind Pimpin Siswa program, the planning and all.

What i see now is still many students rambling around, students who wants to see the improvements but not improving the wants of the university.

My task or Job Description in the committee is International Student PIC. So yea we have 9 International students in total out of close to 400 new freshies.

And yea another awesome chapter ahead awaits =) Actually am updating this post from Istimewa Mamak, well the place i always hang out in my first year, am watching Germany vs Spain now =) I did not sleep for the night before, guess tonight as well.. and then tomorrow 8am meeting, 10am going to Kedah for site visit.. then come back Penang at night meeting. Saturday up to Kedah again with the freshies =) Am facilitating an outdoor survival camp =) Just so unique that USM has such program ever since last year while other universities they do not have =)

And yes, Shanghai, 8 weeks, flew past, now new semester begins.
What are my expectations? What is yours?
I just know one thing.

Praises to the Almighty God that has protected and blessed me for the past few months of semester break.
Sorry mom for not being at home, not even 24 hours upon arrival from Shanghai. Sorry that you need to catch my updates on Facebook, though of course i call you daily =)
Am not joining activities because of Resume, nor networking, but i feel the love of volunteering and sharing exchanging experience, because the world will be a better place to live with understanding.
I am just trying to enjoy my university life =) Isaiah 40:31 It's because of this verse, i do not feel tired, because i enjoy =)