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Thursday, July 29, 2010

[30/7/2010] An Excaped =D

Hi Friday! well just a random post again.
Just finish Studio, preparing to go to Pimpin Siswa Camp site now in Kedah..
Glad that i finished up my idea model just yesterday night and got a green light to proceed with A1 drawing which is due on Monday. Well guess i am gonna spend my whole sunday night in the studio dating with the T Square. Well gonna do some modifications via sketchup during the camp as well =)

And yea just some pictures from AIESEC in USM INTERACTION NIGHT 2010! =D
For more photos please view here

Glad to see the first event of the LC turns out to be a success =) well it's just the beginning, many more exciting events and planning coming ahead we believe. We will.

Well and about this weekend, guess i really need it. A weekend without internet and also possibly cellphone coverage. Brought my architecture book too, and gonna spend more time with my baby D5000, again as the photographer of the event, guess i need to have more time on learning how to process more pictures. And well, basically i feel this time Pimpin Siswa is some leisure holiday though =P But well i do seriously on my task la, just perhaps because this time i am the PU pembantu Urusetia, which does not deal much with facilitating the delegates, but i could choose if i want too.

To Nicholas and other AIESECers, sorry for not able to join INSPIRE, i give my prayer that it will turn out to be a huge success. To Melanie and wilbur and other PKians, sorry for not able to attend Worship Team practise as well as CG briefing. 
Guess i am really looking forward to have a greater bonding with God in the jungles this weekend =)

Ok I am off to go! =) 


  1. 要在憂患恥辱的環境裡,創造我們自力更生的新生活。..................................................

  2. 工作,是愛的具體化~~~~努力吧!........................................