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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[28/7/2010] The Merging Point of Sustainability Project

Hi World!

Yes this is Combined Freshman, yesterday night at DK Foyer,
where 3 Christian Fellowships (CLC, PKA, LWCF) came together as one for recruitment drive.
Referring to my previous post, i have always think collaborations as an important factor to drive clubs with same vision or purpose to a higher level. Well, am more than glad to remember we did a combined Easter Celebration last semester, definitely one of most happiest moment to work together.

So yea, talking about the power of ONE.
Am Glad to have Kak Mazfuzzah from HEP to arrange a meet for all Sustainability themed projects in USM to come for a meet. It's definitely a good session of sharing of what all the clubs are doing, thanks to Mr Ooi for accompanying me to elaborate on Y.E.S Plans, also other clubs which present are PUCS Penang Undergraduate Community Service, KAS Kelab Alam Sekitar, MPP, Eco Desa, and Kampus Sejahtera, Hal Ehwal Pelajar.

I was trying to bring up the point of understanding that we could have our own mutual respected task or target objectives to achieve within our clubs, but we need to come up a plan that integrate all the different clubs together to achieve something more being physically seen and impactful to the population of USM. Following is just some brief statement of what are the respective clubs/organizations are working on, well, just to open up your eyes.

AIESEC IN USM, Y.E.S Project - ESIP Energy Squad Interactive Program (reaching out to highschools outside of USM by giving workshops and thus forming local teams for long term transformation in schools), 100 Green promises (an engagement of NGO for seeking volunteer etc, to do 100 task and portfolio the volunteers involvement.

PUCS - They have their Community service, but this term focusing on Ramadhan week waste and sustainable material. It is about bring White Coffin to alive by making sure students do not use polystyrene and plastic bag etc.. 

KAS - What they are planning is similar to PUCS, but they will be engaging with the food stalls during Ramadhan Bazaar week to ensure there is a no usage of polystyrene and other non sustainable material. 

EcoDesa - they will be doing some roadshow thingy? Sorry not TOO SURE*

MPP - 2 major projects. Proposal to build bicycle lane, and also anti carbon monoxide campaign. 

HEP - Mudball! throwing mudball into tasik harapan for some ecological sustainability test something like that, and also trying to get the people rewarded when they use a reusable container everytime taking away food. like getting a stamp and then collectable rewards?

So the conclusion is such that, we are all fallen under one secretariat called Pembangunan Lestari.
Again there is a story behind the difference of clubs and secretariat.  
But the mutual understanding is that we all agree to come to a movement where we will assist each other for a greater impact. For now we will be focusing on what KAS and PUCS are focusing on Ramadhan, zero waste in particular.

But for the 10/10/10, (which aims to cut down 10 percent of energy usage by 10/10/10)  i already thought of doing something like white poison project in UM, where it is a project of different clubs coming together to represent different departments to work it out.
So Detailed action plan will be discussed, tomorrow will be meeting up MPP and CETREE to talk more about how this movement is to be carried out with their expertise.

It's just like, there will be a squad formed to support 10/10/10 movement, and Y.E.S could be the education dept, while KAS do Comm dept, while MPDs and MPPs more towards execution etc. Task can be divided according to specialized areas of the club. it's something big which we need the whole USM to move together, well even though if we fail, we tried, and most ultimately, the 10/10/10 does not stop at the stated date. There shall be a longer agenda behind, that's why now we put it under secreteriat. We want the next batch to know how to deal with it, thus managing lesser transition, and that's the effective way i think. And furthermore, it will be a symbolic effort to do this as ONE. 

But yea that's just for 10/10/10, which again i want OVGC (Online Virtual Green Campaign) and other minor activities to be developed within the future plans inside it, please be clear its not a project by AIESEC USM PM department, but i am just trying to initiate one that everyone will be taking charge equally soon, and it's time to do so. 

So yea, i need to finalize the action plan, budgeting... send to TINA by 30th. then write learning partnership letter to CETREE, write to JPPP for approval as well as USM project application... well it's just the starting, whatever that rolls in... good or not, i will just say, well, at least i TRIED.

Owh yea guess i left out one more, saw this at the board, will track more about it =D

So yeap, Assignments! and off to Pimpin Siswa this weekend! sorry Melanie for not able to attend worship practice this friday then =/ Sorry AIESEC because i cannot join this sunday Induction then =/

And well, i am just praying hard that everything goes by smoothly =)

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