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Monday, July 26, 2010

[27/7/2010] The 5 things USM should be aware of, a humble approach of a USM 2nd year student.

Hi world, it's 3 in the morning right now, just came back from KL yesterday, guess too many things running through my mind right now, thanks to Professor Lee Lik Meng, Director for Kampus Sejahtera, reminded me that we had a 2 hours chit chat session about anything in USM last wednesday, and not forgetting he is also an Architecture Lecturer =)

Mind you this post is quite very lengthy as it will be very random and thoughts elaborated. We spoke many things over the few conversations we had, one reason i post this up again is to refresh our conversation. As a director of KS, Prof Lee definitely has seen many students project and he could see it well from Sustainability and volunteerism aspects. A few points are made here. PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE CURIOUS AND TAKE TIME =D BECAUSE I WANT YOUR THOUGHTS TOO! PLEASE COMMENT!!

1) I think i will go into the same thought i made before.
USM has been here, in Penang for more than 40 years, Are we making any impacts towards the forming of a better being of the surrounding society. Several towns are made up because of Universities like Oxford, but how are we really contributing in terms of social well being? my perceptions of Universities are always the ones that develop the surrounding communities because its the core research

place of a nation. I understand we do a lot of research and publications and also marketing them out of it from Eureka, but in terms of visibility, yet to come. I personally asked this question to our dear Vice Chancellor, what he answered is true, University is commonly be seen as a supply of talents to the demanding industry that's all. That's why many people choose what course to study based on job opportunity, still. But what made Taiwan and Japan grew so much is when their universities venture into silicons research etc and thus making the industry a bloom and they have produced their own talents for it and forming the other industries to be so. So imagine USM, we have a path to pave for ourselves, but more than just being under MOHE Ministry of Higher Edu as a University to do research and academic wise etc...

2) This brings us to the next point. Talking about forming and helping the community around Penang.
How did the students of Penang has contributed to the society surrounding it? The moment i step in USM last year, i was truly impressed by the amount of activities in USM. Yes, it's agreed, we have the talents, activities running by over 100 clubs and societies. Yes let us talk about the main campus in Penang, It's good that USM Penang has the 'Area of influence' or good marketing location segmentation. Everything is great, but think about it, all these projects and all, HOW DID WE really help the society? Is it just a student development project? We had so many major things going on, Jazzband Night, KungFu Night, CONVEX, Pesta HOki, Pesta Bola Jaring, NRIC, Green Lung and many more! As far as i could get the impression right now, only white coffin was the one to create the ripple wave that urge the state government to go green.

All i am trying to say is, after a chat with Prof Lee, we need an integrated students activity group. We need a group of volunteer that is ready to go anytime at anywhere to support the society by any means and factors, which i believe our dear MPP NYDP Abel will be working on very soon. We do have few projects doing so, YiShen with her 下乡团 who helps the needy society, and also AIESEC USM has been going around highschool to teach about HIV awareness. These are things that even USM students do not even know some other students are doing so. Simply because we need to be more focus on what's happening outside and how we, as the students could help them so.

In between the chat, we did discuss about how BJIM Bahagian Jaringan Industry & Masyarakat (you can read more about them here) What we could do is that we could have all volunteers going through the training under BJIM and get standardize instead of having so many clubs running on different independent projects and different opinions. BJIM aims to help to develop the society, well it is new as what i heard.

3) The main problem i felt is that, there are just too many things happening in the campus that students do not update themselves with the current vision and headlights of USM, many just wants short term recognition. Think about students with 3 or 4 years courses, most of them would be likely to be at effective active period of 2 years max, if we want to see a project developing more than 10 years long term for a larger impact, it's out of the mind. The same goes to MPP, every year there will be a new board coming up, with different visions. If we want to keep our projects in USM to be sustainable and maintaining the good impact from year to year, something else needs to be done. It's a nature, students want to be active, join and get marks, and then just done with the projects with some shots of memories, that's all. but not looking at beyond 5 years ever since then.

4) Another problem is KPI Key Performance Index of students in USM. It's good to have Pimpin Siswa for all the freshies now. I have been through both participation and facilitation and i felt it's totally good, but i felt the weakness is that there was no clear objective stated during the activities that the participants might just go feeling pointless. Read more here. I love it when Prof Lee said, if we have sent 100 students to go for this camp and felt impacted, it is good, but so what, what is it going to happen after then until they graduate? and also AFTER they graduate? is there a tracking system or KPI to see how they are doing?

That's another one big issue. MyCSD is not going to work that out, people will still go and join activities and fill up the blanks and that's all. Join a lot of activities, so what? Does that prove that your undergraduate is better in presentations skill? The one great thing about AIESEC i felt is that, people recognize us by our way of presentations and our global mindset, instead just some piece of certificates which sometimes some people could not even pay their own presentations up to what the certificates can provide. That's why i joined AIESEC in USM anyways =)

In AIESEC, we use the GCM Model. Global Competency Model, since we are the world's largest student organization, this model will be the KPI of AIESEC Experience. It comprised of 5 areas, Global Mindset, Entrepreneurial Outlook,Social Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence, and Proactive Learning, that's how we motivate each other to be agents of positive change throughout the experience.

If USM could come out such tracking KPI system for its students instead of just some MyCSD, i would be throughly glad.

5) INTAKE Of new students need better filtering. APEX, does not mean everything good will be better. I always believe the best in the motivation is when something from the worst becomes the best, that's how the best institute can produce. It's nice to hear that most USM intakes are 3.00cgpa above. Of course good! but again, so what? Does that mean they do really excel in their lives? And i foresee we could not judge their personality quality by their activities they joined. I was the model student for both form 4 and 5 but so what? how do you really know if i am good enough? So apparently we have Munsyil Test, well again, so what? How do we REALLY know which candidates are worthy with their maturity to come in to USM to contribute. There are so many students outhere with their CGPA lower than 3.0 but again they could have better motivation and social responsibility than some of the book worms. There're definitely still lotz to be done to ensure how we really choose the correct potential future students if we want to say, "we lead".

Owh goodness i think i could still go on but it is already 4 am now =P and bet you could not read further much, you could call me up anytime to chat about anything, well anything!

Truly yours =)

Am really excited to bring Y.E.S Youth Energy Squad project to a reality.

It is basically a new Environment Sustainability project under the Project Management Department of AIESEC in USM. Our ultimate intention is to show the state government how serious Youth is all about to go Green. Many exciting plans ahead, if you are one of those green warriors in USM, then please welcome to talk more about possibilities of collaborations, because going green is not a one project/man show, because we NEED USM to move!

Thanks for reading! muhahaha!

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