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Friday, July 23, 2010

[23/7/2010] A weekend to Stop and Stare

Hi World! 

Yes it was a tiring night, a Friday night with the sudden inspiration came up that took my whole night just to design my 1st Assignment layout, but sadly could not be in studio just now morning to have a crit session with the awesome lecturers. So guess where was i at 9am?

The crossing over of Penang Bridge - the returning to KL.
Guess am not gonna take Aeroline bus if possible in the future, 60ringgit for one way is just not really appealing when you are controlling your budget. The bus indeed was appealing to me, which i can plug in and use my laptop for 5 hours, and 2 movies and a subway along the ride, but not now anymore with 60bucks. 

The first thing do when i reached One Utama at 1.30pm, and yes i really bring my bulky laptop everywhere. 
p/s Really need to change to a small,more mobility and Graphic Performance laptop. Autocad 2011 is sooo lag!

Old Town White Coffee. Nothing beats the toast! So yea now waiting to go to Putrajaya for Relatives Gathering Dinner =) Cousin wedding tomorrow! Really reserving this weekend to have a good bonding with cousins and relatives. Until just now Imran could call me up as soon as i posted up that i am back to KL " Eh tonight want to go movie together with Hazwan Harish Melvin Daniel... 1 more ticket extra" just makes me go T.T and well also Sin Ying is leaving to Korea tomorrow, really wanna pass to her something.

So yea anyhow, i told people i really needed an escape, so i came back to KL =D Yes that's why i say a weekend to Stop and Stare, i did not even have more than 24 hours during my semester break at home. Praise God i really need this weekend to be here, because next weekend might go pimpin siswa -.-" (see first la) And this weekend actually got assignment to do idea model, so am expecting a sleepless sunday night when i arrive back to Penang to do my assignment.

But anyhow, it all leads to this point. I think i find the optimistic character in me, 
"the more busy i get, the more i will smile and say, "God you are just so great, and we know we will be going through this together", and the more happy i will get. Isaiah 40:31!"

So what is the sugar in your life? =) 

p/s Goodness really need 24/7 wifi, i still got lotz things to blog about hahaha. Prof Lee i will post that post up for sure no worries!

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