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Sunday, July 25, 2010

[23/7/2010] HBP 3rd Sem Archi 1st Project - Autonomous Toilet

And yes, the new exciting project has begun. And no, it is not about designing and building toilet like how PhuaChuKang did in Singapore, well who knows i might be the mighty one to start to be the best in Penang and Butterworth =P The case study is such one that designing an autonomous toilet. which means again, something totally independent in the form of water and electricity supply. The task is to design an independent form in a to be developed muslim cemetery. But again, the highlighted part is the toilet again because the functional part has the most to be thought of.

And yeap, the second day of the new semester already was a site visit day. Cool.

It is a 4 acre land ready to be cleared to make way for a muslim cemetery.

And reminded me that my third semester is no longer an integration semester with the other majors students, guess will be bumping around the same course mates this time in 2 years time.

Attached are just pictures, not finalized, that is why i would not elaborate more, there were 2 attempts. I guess my strength is that i studied finish the book, written by few of my lecturers as well as Deputy dean, a very simple context understanding about designing low energy building in tropical Climate like Malaysia. But on the other hand i think myweakness is i did not spend more time on pre design plannings like bubble diagram and more on elaborations as well as functional and human behaviours, which means i need more time on studies on Muslim cemetery as well as their traditions and process for burial ceremony.

Design 2, the more simplified design.

Design 1, the crazy idea which i do not think i will be using because of the complex calculations and doubt i will be doing the model without google sketchup. haha.

And if you have been identifying the similar conceptual idea in both projects. It's the octagon shape, called Rub El Hizb, which has been always used as a marker for the end of a chapter in Arabic calligraphy. This symbol is also Ceaser Pelli's intention when designing thePetronas Twin Towers, just that he added on another circle due to space constraints. However, lecturer commented that the shape concept is a little complex at this moment.

Well for now... Still have post and beams factor ideas to think about, how to really make the creative ideas instead of just supporting columns, and also how to obtain maximum available water and also harvesting the sun energy effectively, since i am pretty done with passive design. Final Submission is next Monday! Stay tune to see the modifications to be made! =)

AM ALL EXCITED! Especially with crazy schedule of events this week! =D

p/s Am actually suppose to do model for this, but i used sketchup instead and never regret because the thing about architecture is...
"Each time you draw/add a line, there is a different inspiration behind the forms'

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