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Monday, July 19, 2010

[19/7/2010] Stressed to Desserts

Hi World! 
It's another lovely Monday again! =) Owh ya just some pictures for my first assignment site visit. I believe this is what is it all about, the very familiar mixed feeling for the pass few weeks, excited but same time nervous as well, all because of the surprises to come.

And now i think it is because it is a beginning of all the excitements to come, and time is the factor. The pass week was wholly on Plannings, PKA Pre Session as well as AIESEC USM LCPM and also the first Architecture third semester assignment.

And i have to admit that the site visit had stimulated me to go on for many other property visits, like i went to BJ Court recently, just to check up the social environment as well as the property value. It's spontaneous and fun.

And yes the task is to design an autonomous toilet and other minor facilities for a Muslim Cemetery, easier to be said than done. But it is exciting because there are a lot of self initiative studies to do for this assignment. Someone please tell me more about Biodigestor for sewage system and its component and the way it is function? and yes now i notice how much the visits to Shanghai Expo has helped me! ZED pavilion!

And yea i sense a nice sensation coming up with the awesome team.

It's like there is this random thought, that how much i begin to appreciate my lunch/dinner time, because i think that is when i can stop and stare, and take a breath. I believe i am not someone whom personality  reflects stress impression. Some people could see me smiling at times and see me being excited, just simply because i am training myself to smile at all times, at whatever circumstances coming into my life. Some even say that i reminded them about their projects and task to do when they see me. Well all i can say is that, i see my busy times as happy times. Because..
It's time when i find Inspiration. 
And Inspiration, it is the only thing i seek after joining, facilitating and organizing so many activities. Screw Certificates, they are just for show. I totally agreed with what Ken Jee said during GT0. We had a simulation for AIESEC Recruitment Drive, what if a person ask if there is Certificate for joining AIESEC, and the truth is, yes we do not. But because AIESEC is all about self development, the product of the experience with the World's largest youth run organization is far more than what a certificate can show. Goodness now i felt like writing a post to describe how different AIESEC is compared to other clubs in USM, and not for comparison reasons.

And another reason why i enjoy being busy so much, is.. Because i always hang on the verse Isaiah 40:31
31But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

It's from Stressed to Desserts.