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Saturday, July 17, 2010

[13/7/2010] Pimpin Siswa, another another Inspiring Chapter

Hi World! Sorry for another long awaited post! I guess i really need to change my blogging style, and yes it seems like it is getting more and more formal and scheduled. Like this post alone have been in the draft for quite some time because i had troubles uploading the photos. 

So yea after my last post, which i mentioned another inspiring chapter,
Here i  go announcing the another another inspiring chapter!

Pimpin Siswa Kem Puncak Bris Siri 1 2010/2011

More pictures can refer here and here at facebook! =)

The another awesome chapter of life after PPSL 2010. Totally a refreshing nice experience! I used to dislike pimpin siswa last year for all the sleepless nights, but this year i went not only that i hardly sleep, but i was the PU Pembantu Urusetia and i believe that this camp is an effective approach to APEX, the module is impressive! Hope the delegates find it stimulating too! And yea i was the multimedia dude haha.

I find much inspirations while i was doing the multimedia presentation. As a Pembantu Urusetia, means that i am some sort of backdrop person (but i did join the activities as well because i am the photographer) i observed how each activity actually really did their part or elements to form this camp to form individuals to be more aware of their surroundings.

It is well heard from our dear Vice Chancellor, Profesor Tan Sri Dato' Dzuklifli Abdul Razak

"Adalah diharapkan agar Modul Asas Latihan PIMPIN Siswa ini dapt menjadi satu panduan untuk mewujudkan jati diri yang tinggi dalam kalangan siswa supaya produk kelahiran USM bukan sehaja cemerlang dari segi akademik, tetapi juga menjadi Siswa yang seimbang dari segi pembangunan sahsiah dan rohani."

I personally think what he mentioned is irrefutably true, if you have seen the Pimpin Siswa Module, it is very impressive. The listing of the activities with their specific KPI Key Performance Index and impact analysis.

And praise God for an awesome Facilitator and PU team. Actually, instead, i felt this camp is more like a vacation camp haha, because i really do enjoy it, it is like another series of PPSL, where you encounter juniors and help them with your experience and all. and the best of all, the first batch comprises of HBP students, which are my juniors too =)

Some people question much is it worth for such program for the freshies, while other universities they do not invest into such program. This program costed 1 million+ ringgit last year, and i do not see a reason why not to do so, i believe this camp is a good platform for many individuals to experience the APEX way.

I was browsing through the Powerpoints in the modules, it just totally make sense, everything in the program, is the basic essence of knowledge or awareness to implant into a student if they would want to excel in university. As much as i know last time how i remembered Pimpin siswa, i fell asleep and against the 'boring lectures' during then, but now i felt so much like going back and listen.

 The picture i love =) Kem Puncak Bris is totally nice with the surrounding lake!

Learning how to express and not be shy =)

And yeap Survival Cooking time, to be honest, i just do not know why, but really, natural fire does cook food better, i suddenly dislike the home automatic rice cooker, just does not somehow, feel as natural as it felt. And yes i am known to eat the most in the campsite and also photographer =D 

Yes truly back to the nature feeling =) I love this session, somehow a critical thinking session. It's done by giving you a picture, and requires you to translate a message out of the picture, whether it is social or other issues. Then discuss out and then elaborate and act it out. I think the implications are great, from Sourcing, Analyzing, Answering, then presenting.

For me all in all i could just say, this is a perfect program that ensures that at least all the freshies have a common understanding platform and exposed skills before the learning environment starts =)

And now i do not know if i want to go for the 4th Siri =) Do not mind being Photographer and the multimedia Person in Charge. It's a good experience to capture the smiles of newbies of USM =)

And i promise next time my posts will be more sponteneous =) since i heard there are people who reads huh? hahha.

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