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Monday, June 7, 2010

[8/6/2010] We are HIV Champions

Greetings from Shanghai =D

Me and the world's 3rd tallest tower, Shanghai Financial Tower =)
And with most of the other EPs in Taiwan, i am looking forward to see you with the world's 2nd tallest tower. haha.

Yea a few of us from LC SJTU attended the HIV Train The Trainers workshop in Shanghai Standard Chartered Headquarters.. awesome place they have, just beside the financial tower =)

Just for your info, AIESEC & Standard Chartered is a partnership formed to educate and spread the awareness of AIDS, it is an international partnership and Standard Chartered aims to educate 1Million people before 2010 comes to an end.

It suddenly gave me a sweet stir in my heart, this was not the first time of how it started.

[AT THE GAY BAR] I remembered one night around last week, is one of the most impactfull night in Shanghai for me. Me and Guey Ai (the other EP from LC UUM) met one of the volunteer for an NGO in Shanghai. Well it was a restaurant and all gays/MSMs came together for the dinner, and normally after that they will head to the gay bar. We were discussing about Shanghai HIV and various groups updates, and we shared about what is happening in Malaysia then. He is one kind man, came from the states and gave all he could, photo copied those HIV prevention, gay information related papers and gave them out.  Then for the night, we went to the Gay Bar to give out articles to all the Gays.. well Guey Ai, honestly i must say i was glad to have you at my side x)

[I'm a HIV CHAMPION ARTICLE] Also, another point is that i was pointed as HIV Champion for the month of April with LC USM Project Management department. And aside from that, i was all along under Tina, the very inspiring VP project during my term =)

[HOPE] But something greater happened before that, i found HOPE. You can read more about it here and here =) From my old blog. I attended HOPE conference 2 years ago, before i went into Matriculation College.

It's also actually the first AIESEC event i have been, congratz to my sister who was the OCP then and also Soon Kit VPPM then and Brandon LCP. It was really the first platform event that made me be who i am to be today. I did not manage to keep in touch with many people though, but Hazwan, Kaiser, Esther from IMU and Nicholas, which is yea, the nicholas ooi aka ENTJ partner which i did not expect to bump into today =)

I was only a 17 then, but i could tell you how much impact this conference had given and transformed many. I still remember generally, the program layout. HIV TTT, HIV awareness event planning, Visit from Pink Triangle, HIV donation drive. And also volunteer to go out to help David Lai with his magic show, and also the working out with Celebrity Fitness. well i missed it due to driving license test =) I think we were at K5 too, and we used K17 facilities.

The events suddenly came out so vividly in my mind, even in this time at 3am, typing this blog post up, it's so coincidently that i am wearing the hope conference shirt too =) or perhaps recently i am just thinking such because SinYing is the OCP for Hope next term then. Congratz girl. (I hope what you read after this might inspire you sikit)

Yes this is the happy family photo. with all of us holding the donation box =) If i am not mistaken, we were able to raise more than a thousand ringgit, and we even found US dollar inside.

So what about HOPE?

HOPE could be defined so much by it's word
- Hearing Other Peoples Experience
- Healing Our Personal Environment
- Helping Other People Excel
- Helping Other People Everyday
- Help Our People Excel
- Have Only Positive Expectations.

I was having this chat with Lily, Project Director for Red Wings and Rebekah the ICX Coordinator from LC SJTU. It is an agreeable situation everyone would see eye to eye. HIV/AIDS Pboxs are not like others. You can have Entrepreneur & Sustainability Pbox but never leave out HIV Pbox because there is a crucial need. A need that we as AIESECers, to present the voices of the unheard. And because the world needs to know what these people have to say.

I was hearing one of the HIV Volunteer in the workshop. He has survived more than 20 years with HIV. and now he felt that the message is so important to be told because doctors hardly believe he could even survive more than 20 years old.

"Because having HIV does not mean your life have to an end, that is the common perception of the public and many HIV patients. HIV is just like any other High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and we can live on like normal people with normal life."

He is right, he is the evidence, there are scheduled antiretroviral treatment. His CD4 level shoot up back to normal people around 500 when he got it. And i believe such story belong to many other HIV patients outside there.

There are many great things AIESEC can do for this, I would want to do SWOT analysis though*
1) from School Education
Which again i personally think it's not the highest ROI effort, because firstly, it is hard to get schools to agree with such workshop with condom demonstration and somehow it is inconvenient for both parties. secondly, i personally think HIV project should project a serious sense powerpoint slide with many terrifying statistics, instead to let the students know that this is scary disease only. And simply because they are not in the position to really think unless a senior highschool kid. 16 or 17?

2) Conference
Which i always look at HOPE conference. It is definitely the best event to have people to come to experience themselves, to meet the unheard and to listen true stories with true people. People would not care about issues that do not really matter with them. The common 21st century mindset of people is "keep it off from my backyard" attitude. And yes, we will need to hope for creative ways to bring them into this sort conference. and of course, conference could collaborate to do events like giving out condoms and raising donations. I personally felt that the HOPE conference i attended has a very very good schedule there.
From Exposing, Experiencing, Enrichment to Executing, and hence Embracing.

3) Raise for a voice, for a change.
If people have access to antiretroviral treatment, they can live a healthy life for many  years. While some people without access to treatment can develop AIDS and die between 5 to 10 years. I always say, "The best awareness, is to implement" AIESEC has the brand power to do so, representing the global university students voice. We could do much more to move into the Ministry of Health to endorse a better program. Many work places see HIV carriers as a no no to get into their working environment, we are to help them. Not by saying they need to have special privilage, because again, they are normal human like us. But instead, we need to find a way to change companies mindset. that's the least we can do.

4) and ya.. make sure all your LC members have BEEN TO A HIV TEST =) 
well i believe you do know why! Experience the Fear. It is estimated that 70% of HIV carriers are not reported to the facts and figures. I would actually say this step, is the true complete cycle for TTT then =)

I did not expect how far i was into HIV workshops or project.

It might be a very plain, routine workshop. But when you sit there for a couple hours, you will have this repeating thoughts that the whole world is into this now, and you just go wow.

And yea i have their PPTs with me, quite professionally done. could share with anyone of you =)
With Standard Chartered Staffs and other various student clubs from some universities =)With SISU AIESECers =)

That's why i call AIESECers the HIV Champions. Because if we are the world's largest student
organization with the knowledge of many global issues and wanting to do something about it. Then here is how we all deal with it, to lead the change and be it. And really mean it in our everyday life and being considerate for those issues from time to time. It's not like having your LC project department doing a green project and conference while you can have your LC meeting switching on the lights unnecessarily during meetings. So yea, you know what?

We are HIV Champions.
and lets mean it =) Go experience!

So to SinYing =) The new OCP for HOPE. Be proud of it cause you are gonna make waves and i am looking forward to see it BIG =) They are many wonders you can do, i see that in you =P

When people ask me why i care and volunteer so much?
I just replied with a smile "Because this is what AIESEC is all about" =)