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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[29/6/2010] Go Exchange Program! Development Traineeship in Shanghai

It's been a flash. That's all i can say. I promise i am not writing a story book but this internship was really an interesting chapter to be stamped into the memories. Really, stepping back into Malaysia, after 55 days, and everything just feels like a dream. And now, in the PPSL, being facilitator for USM Orientation 2010/2011 and then starting second year life. I could simply just simply write up a post within minutes of spilling my words but this post takes my time to really think how to transform feelings and thoughts into words, and also choosing these few pictures out of 3600+ pictures. Am still trying to complete my personal DT experience blog by sorting out pictures here> www.geneharnshanghaiexchange.weebly.com. stay tune then =)

With the team at the "Change your Chopsticks Campaign' by LC SJTU, done in the local university compound.

I think i have utilized this internship to Shanghai as more from the DT, it is always said academic is more important than your activities, in this DT, i have gained a lot of experience and sighting informations for Architecture. Shanghai is truly a magnificent city that is built over 20 years or so, and as an architecture student, i have shifted my personal sight into urban planning and skyscraper culture of Shanghai. Picture above showed the 3d scaled model of Shanghai, i was in the shanghai planning exhibition center.

Shanghai CSR Forum, another highlighted event of LC SJTU. It is nice to gather over hundred of university students and many externals presenting and discussing about CSR and then having a breakout workshop then. We were glad to represent Greenovate to conduct a workshop too. I was focusing on CER Corporate Environmental Responsibility too because it could link to CSR pretty much too.

And yea sadly i did not go up the observation tower, the world's 3rd tallest building

And travelling to Beijing was not part of the plan, but yea so did i. Step on the wall!

As well as forbidden city

well as well as the olympics stadium, bird's nest and the water cube and the olympic gardens.

Workshop was all along awesome, we were all along conducting classes in Shanghai no3 middle highschool. The only girlschool in shanghai and most probably the most english able speaker school because it is a private school. and i even hear students going to LA during summer break just to learn english.

The awesome people i meet!
I am happy for the people i meet during the internship period, some by AIESEC, some not, some totally not expected. Of course i met SJTU my hosting LC. Our partner NGO, Greenovate, many inspiring people. i met my awesome team =) then some SISUs mass comm students for a random trip. Then as well as a few random people i meet on the street. Don't ask me how, we just started talking and no one could figure out that i am actually from Malaysia. Though i do not know by names but certainly i have learnt about the social ways in Shanghai. Last of all, i met Adeline, a Sabahan Girl who is studying in Shanghai. Just because of a book called "Malaysia Export" she was working in the Malaysia Pavilion of Shanghai Expo, and that is how she became one of my closest friend during internship then, well now with skype as well!

And perhaps another reason why i choose Shanghai at the beginning was because of Shanghai Expo.

I always believe to indulge into the way of culture and social of a nation or a city, the best way is to do what everyones do in normal life. So i went to the local church, i cook as well. and i do not cook instant noodles but yea well i would say it is cooking heaven there. there are just so many awesome ingredients to be experimented on in Shanghai.

And yea some unexpected thing was that i bump into GuangXi TV station reporter during my 2nd day of visit. Interviewed me as an exchange student that came to Shanghai Expo. Nice experience to converse in Mandarin in an interview session. haha. and yea it was on air.

Also, Greenovate. I am really glad to have such partnership with such awesome youthful NGO. every week we have movie night on top of their roof! Just a total match to the project we are doing!
Picture taken during our TTT session =D

So cool right? watching movie on the roof and accompanied by the skyline.

And thanks to Harish and Neil for being my travel buddies for the first week =)
Picture taken in Malaysia Pavilion with Malaysia Art Gallery representative.

And yea also to add on, we did more than workshop sometimes. We gave talks sometimes, like this highschool we actually educated 1300 students at once because we were on live telecast and being shown in the whole school compound. The other me and Guey Ai did was 600 students. Actually i prefer those =D

And yea Standard Chartered Bank HIV TTT. I blog a blog post about it before this =)

And Standard Chartered indeed impressed me with their Talent Management, they have had almost all of their staffs around the globe educated on HIV and some other issues too.

More pictures could refer to my facebook abums

Owh well i realize this post is more towards a picture blog post. What i was trying to say is that this Exchange certainly is more than the DT i expected, besides going to highschools and teach about Green Power, Running Chopsticks Campaign, partnership with NGO, I also met up with one of the HIV NGO Volunteer and went into the Gaybar to promote the knowledge of HIV, then with redwings project, we went to primary schools to conduct some education materials that hopefully stimulate the thoughts of the children.

Also as an Architecture student, i have been to Planning Centers as well as Museums and ancient architecture museum, not to miss out, the highlight of the year, Shanghai EXPO 2010. Truly said, " The knowledge there is too much for one to know". and i was cooking local dishes all along. Then i went to Fujian to trace down my ancestor roots as well as understanding how possible islamic was spread from china, i went to the muslim cultural exhibition there as well as many significant events and locations that showed me many historical facts, not by history books. And of course as a tourist, i have been to Shanghai, Fujian, QuanZhou, Xiamen, Anxi and Beijing. a total travelling of almost 12 thousand kms.

So here came the finishing line of X, now thanks to USM, Project Director for next term. Certainly this LR stage could unleash the experience i had in DT to apply into actions. As simple as that =) Have not write my EP profiling haha.

p/s sorry for no 'feel' post. felt like didn't write much geh..

But yea this Exchange totally rocks my socks =) Learnt many things indeed!
Go X + LR!