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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

[2/6/2010] How DSLR has changed me, My walk into the Photography World.

Greetings from Shanghai =)

Yes it is, Happy Anniversary Nikon D5000.

The Rise of the Gears
  1. Bought D5000 24/6/2009, at Tarita Sg Wang Plaza. RM3000 for D5000 + extended warranty of 3 years, and also a Sigma telemacro 70-300mm lens with RM900 add on 
  2. A RM180 Tripod, Victory 3001B Aluminium Tripod and Ball Head.
  3. A Nissin Di622 Flash for RM430 
  4. 2 SD 8Gb Panasonic Class 4 Cards for RM150. 
  5. New Elastic Strap for RM50.
  6. New third party bag for RM50.
  7. A Ultra Wide  Angle Conversion RM280
  8. WISH to have another spare battery
And that's it, it is a full package of what i want.

How a DSLR has changed my life aka My Photography evolution

I remember there was once, someone told me
"Think twice before you buy a DSLR, don't spoil it's uniqueness and branding" 

And now i would be glad to say the same thing to others. Especially these years Canon have been marketing their DSLRs so strong and you see more & more people just buy them, but truly only some could understand what are DSLRs are about. I bought a DSLR initially for Architecture Purpose. True it was, it was needed to take good detail pictures for reporting and reference purpose.

But things changed when i step into USM, i started to bring my DSLR everywhere because it was so precious & i did not want to put in the room, so i went to shoot a lot of random stuffs, and yes, i landed on events. I started shooting since Orientation week then. And as soon as someone approach me for pictures, and then merging the idea of how Facebook works, i got a second thought of a DSLR owner, it is called Networking.

So yes i started to shoot with events, and i do not mean professional. But more like a leisure shoot around and upload to facebook and the taggings bring in new contacts. As months passed by, i became a constant event photographer, and on second semester, i got requests to shoot for events, and yes no charge, because i am still a newbie i consider.

For the first 2 months, i used Auto & have been exploring around with the water surface of DSLR and played more on composition. Then i realized i had to move on, so from then, i used Manual everytime. I really do bring my DSLR everywhere, it is like the best gameboy i ever had, exposure, brakettings, ISOs, Metering, white balance, shutter. Ask anyone who have met me before =) I am either with my laptop, or DSLR, or both!

My last wish would be asking Nikon to help me add in a MP3 player &GPS navigator to my baby! =D

What Fields again?
Yea at first i was into Architecture, and yes it will always remain because i am an Architecture student. But i went into Portraits, Events. & Sometimes products with my telemacro lens. I am more towards Conceptual photography actually, will set up my portfolio as soon as possible =) People could venture into HDR and have special effects but i just want to be simple, take direct easy pictures that could tell the message.

Why I love D5000 so much?
Yes, If you throw me any better DSLRs, i would still choose D5000. Reason is simple, because i do not have a need to have D90 or D300 or anything because i know i will not even utilize the best of D5000 and other beginner DSLRs in the next 5 years. For me there is nothing much difference between DSLRs, it is not meant for a competition, it is just how you bring up your knowledge together with your camera that's all. 

The only D5000 lacking off, in my preference, is the auto focus motor, so yea i could not use the 50mm auto focus. But other than that, I love it because it is light, and the tilt screen. yes the tilt screen really help much. It is more than helping you to spot dynamic angles which normally a human eye level would not reach, But in my case, i like it because it has lead me into VIDEOGRAPHY. And now you will be telling me about canon 550D? Ya right, i do not need a HD, kill my memory instead.

Not everything bigger or more in DSLRs means could offer more to you unless you understand the purpose of it.
I like the layout buttons for Nikon generally, really makes it fast and more finger friendly. And Canons do not have Line Grid while Nikons have =) Canon is over branded and market, people will ask why Nikon is not having a good publicity compared to Canon's Marketing, simply because it remains exclusive =) Professionals know it. Don't mind the critics!

The Photographer's say
I do not really intend to take photography a serious thing to deal with. Reasons why now i deal with photography again is because pictures inspire me, perhaps the very detailed mind of mine and the creative and thinker side of me would really inspire me to get a message each picture.
I am not on the race to compete who has the better picture, every time when i press the shutter i just know that i have captured a memory and also marked an inspiration from there. It is because when i do powerpoint presentation i love to have my own pictures because it is an ownership feeling =)

The powerful thing i love about Photography is
"The pictures you take, could change the world, without a sound"
Yea conceptual photography... did a slide for AIESEC Election before =)

Yes we do!