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Friday, June 18, 2010

[17/6/2010] Going Beyond MYC

Greetings from Shanghai! =)

Just got back from QuanZhou and Xiamen few days ago, got one or two days rest and now am preparing to go up to Beijing with the rest of the interns =) well gonna step my first step to the first visit of the 7 Great wonders. =)

And yes truth is that,i missed out so much updates about MYC because i was away from internet then =/ And am more than words to describe how happy i was to receive so many positive feedbacks about MYC 2010 and especially when ImraD said that this is the best MYC he has ever facilitated/observed among the 6 past MYCs.

Yes.. so called best male delegate of 2009 -.-" ... didnt expect this award before.
MYC really did bring back a lot of memories.. and especially to Imran, thanks for the many convenient things you have done.. ehem ehem* I wonder if anyone did record down how imrad read my email out =P and i wonder which picture he puts -.-"

Anyways just some flash back to MYC 2009 =) yes la because i was in the conference then but not this year T.T

Very familiar faces =) I think i lost the shirt already though. And please i want this year's MYC shirt too! someone please bless me T.T i want to imagine being faci this year. hahaha.

The awesome Facis of MYC 2009. Proud to know we are still all connected by monthly chat via skype across the globe =)

Site Visit!

It is indeed a pleasure to read so many positive feedbacks in Miracle's page in facebook. It is a regret that i could not update with the event via twitter/facebook because i was away internet then.

So what happens after MYC? It is pretty reflected on this year's theme.

"REUSE the past, RECYCLE the present, RESCUE the FUTURE!" I am currently an architecture student in USM Penang joining AIESEC in USM, and during this semester break, i am pretty much same like the international facilitators in here right now, going to overseas to do exchange programs. I am currently in shanghai with another AIESEC committee helping out their project by teaching high school students about Green Power Now. You could view more about my internship here www.geneharnshanghaiexchange.weebly.com (will update more soon) If you are interested to go for an Internship like what i am doing, feel all right to approach any Facis to ask about it. Everytime when i look back at what i have been doing in University life, it is all started with MYC, the things you experienced and the people you know from it.

Let us see MYC as more than an awareness platform, because you are here for a better reason, to create miracles and ripples as well when you finished the conference. After MYC, you could think of empowering your green visions and go do beyond MYC! Take MYC as a platform to train yourself to be a green trainer.

There is one sentence i love from the scene 'the inconvenient truth' by Al Gore and have always said to my classes, "Ladies and Gentlemen, indeed, we are the very first generation to face such global challenge that non species on this earth for the past 65 million ago have faced before" Terrifying, yes it does because we are all brought up with technologies, easy water and electricity, and we can shake all we want because life is so comfortable. There are many things for you to know, not just Global Warming and its relations to hotter earth, you will be surprise to hear theories of H1N1 happens because of that too!  If we want to be effective environmental warriors, we are needed to be educated like one with science evidence and facts. not just going out to the street and having green campaigns and just hoping people would obey your words. Green is the new Gold, so that also means green effort involve a lot of politics, social and economy concerns, involve a lot of young inspiring people like you.

And i am assure that right now you are Engaged , Educated ,Experienced, Empowered , and Executing something awesome around the world!

It all starts within yourself, Again
 I am indeed delighted to see how delegates have received the green impact as how many thousand overs MYCians had too in the past 6 conferences have as well. I read that many people are hype to start green movements and even starting a club, that is certainly the ripples of MYC. You have the impact, knowledge, resources, networking, so now? Implement them. However, my 2 sens is that, despite having the excitements of doing big, let us change our perspective to the perfect branding of ourselves, the way we are, not what we do after MYC. I am sure you are tuned with the saying " Saving the Environment starts within yourself". Every Miraclains are to set a good example, make it detail and precise, even bringing reusable chopsticks and bags everywhere you go. 

You can have a super awesome conference or event or club, but if you cannot even present the reputable personality as a green warrior, then the branding of the efforts you have been doing are simply giving wrong branding too. YOU ARE THE PERFECT BRANDING.

To all Facis and OCs, 
congratz so much on the great effort and great paid off =) Thanks to Kok Leong and Evelyn too =) I bet many of you have a blast again =) have a good time preparing for NatCon too!

  P/S i am not blogging this because i am the OCP or some super super facilitator, i was just once a participant, and i am looking forward to see you to be in this position as well, to look back at the MYC you used to join and to see how much you have changed and to try to make the world a better place!

It is SIMPLE, MYC IMPACTED ME =D How about you? even after a year!

Ok got to catch my train to beijing already! =D

p/s/s if you are talking about CO2 footprint, this internship along i have already traveled more than 11400km, so go back must plant 'trees' la. LOL