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Monday, May 31, 2010

[31/5/2010] Welcome to USM 2010/2011 Batch!

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It's absolutely hard to believe, i could still mesmerize the moments in Malacca Matriculation College, the short exciting 11 months with a whole new world which turned me upside down, and remember the old same familiar smell of malay dishes and looking out the windows feeding the sight of Futsal games.

The Familiar Entrance to Penang, Penang Bridge.
And yes, time has passed. Instead now, smelling chinese dish everywhere and spotting Penang Bridge outside my windows =) Everyone has a Story. I am a Storybook, flips to my USM Chapter* Until now i have absolutely no idea how i came to this point. A KL chinese dude, got into Matriculations & now in USM studying Architecture, School of Housing Building Planning. HBP (Hantu Balik Pagi they call it) entering Year 2.

Congratulations to those who are entering USM 2010/2011 =)
You are about to taste the same tasty flavour!

One of the 3 main gates.
Welcome to USM Penang Main Campus, which i would say the smallest campus of all & one of the most happening one. Other related to medicine and engineering fields are in other campuses. Despite having the advantage for being far from KL where most international events happen, Georgetown is the spot for most USMers, or perhaps i shall say the community for USM to impact. Just hoop on a bus ride 30 minutes & you are off to the town. 
What makes me in love with this campus is because it is on an Island, you have a 3 in 1 view in the campus, Sea, Land & Mountain. I guess most of you have heard of APEX and having their own APEX uni policies. APEX is Accelerated Program for Excellence. I recommend you to read more about what our dear Vice Chancellor has to share about his view on USM and APEX, you will be glad! It is entertaining and resourceful!

I know there are a lot of awesome facilities coming up, like the new library* when USM is granted as APEX. And USM Stadium is officially a football league stadium for malaysia, thanks to the spotlights fixed before i enter last year. There are an equal distribution of Green Zones in USM, and also a good balance place for you to jog around, eat around, social around. 

I love USM for many things are possible to be done in this campus, students are granted a lot of freedom and i believe lesser administration fuzz to go about compared to other universities. Everyone has their acronyms for different local universities,USM Universiti sangat mahal/mudah, Apa Pun EXtra and go figure for many others! =D

You will be surprise to see how interesting it is to have a centralized small campus surrounded by Foods of all type around the campus. Yes you got it, we have Marrybrown, KFC, McD, BaskinRobbin, Pizza Hut fast food chains here. all within 5 minutes walk. Tesco is available here too. You have up to 5 or 6 Mamaks here. and BaliBali the Food Court & other chinese stalls all around. & we have condominiums all around strategic walking locations here to the university. And also bus access is really much appreciated here because they are just nearby the gates and regular. 

Us at the Mass gathering
The very comfortable room which i appreciate.

1 Siswa, 1 Harapan

Looking at this reminds me of how much facis have actually done for us.

The Newbies at DTSP Official Opening Ceremony
USM 2010
"Memperkukuhkan Asas"

I never ever once regret for coming to USM. I applied USM the very last night before its application was close in Matrics. I selected all 8 choices for UM or UPM Architecture and Civil Eng especially. USM life is indeed one colorful one, you will be enlighten with the amount of events running at once because almost every weekend there will be a highlight despite being one of the smallest campus! It is a place for no one can hide or not hearing from any activities =)

I have personally been to UUM, UM UKM UPM and felt that USM is still one of the most happening and generally good transportation, networks, strategic placing university in Malaysia.

All  Combined CFs Easter Play Production
Mobile Youth Unconference Asia 2010

KungFu  Night with kelab KungFu
MPP CNY Celebration
The awesome coursemates.
Malaysia University Athletics Game
Kungfu Club Shooting day!
There are 70+ Clubs/Organizations/ Societies. And many many more, you could email me at limgeneharn at gmail.com. Could talk anything about USM, the happening activities here, rental, administration and schools.. anything or just even some random chat!

Or perhaps you can just look forward to meet me during your Orientation too =)
Because i will be your facilitator for that Orientation week! Stay Tune!


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