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Thursday, May 27, 2010

[28/5/2010] About Your Future: The Pillars Scenario

Greetings from Shanghai!

Yea we were having teaching GPN Green Power Now.
It's pretty much like ISP in Miracle, going schools to teach around..
We always head to No3 Junior&Senior All Girls Highschool, it's on a schedule based program and on the other hand we go to other schools to give talks. And this sunday we will be heading to Shanghai CSR Forum then, with hundreds of Shanghai University students. woots* =D

Taken with Harish at Saudi's Pavilion @ Shanghai EXPO 2010
I remember what he said to me during a meal, and also some add ons which i thought of.
- Consider your ultimate future as a pillar and being supported by 3 pillars.
- In order to support your ultimate future pillar tall and steady, you need to have a lot of levels of pillars as well as a wider area/more pillars to make it stable.
-That all comes make sense because if anyone wants a secure/desired future paths/plans, they will need a package of skills/elements/items.

My vision is to be a registered Architect, that deals with housing solutions and more than just designs, also could be
-research more into zero carbon designs with the different geographical locations in Malaysia. The Green Market and Design is so huge in overseas but not in Malaysia, yet, and these designs couldn't be simply brought in. Because design depends on 3Ps, People, Principles, Places.
-I would want to do City Planning too, anything with Environmental Friendly Design, to help mother nature, the latest technology. I am glad that i am with JPA because i want the bond so much,
-i want to do more in the Government, because i believe in the Building & Construction industry, influence comes from the government projects sector.
-I want to own my own firm by 30.
-and my first million by 33.
But God will decide then =)

And all along when i think of this, you need to think the pillars involved. Personally i think the 3 pillars are my Architecture Studies, my Green Passion, and AIESEC. And there will be other 3 pillars supporting these one of these pillar respectively too. Like AIESEC is supported by networking, leadership, Globalization.

So what are your pillars? Which ultimate pillar are they supporting?

And yea this was taken for the 3rd time visiting EXPO, with Guey Ai and Peter =)

Will await for the 4th time, which i will head to Zone D and E for more technology and futuristic themed pavilion, cases pavilion. awesome!

p/s i am missing out so many awesome things! thanks to this DT. hahaa. Youth10' , NPC, GAS, MYC.. so many!


  1. i wanna be a million air by marrying one! haha
    u have great dreams and i hope they go in such a way that would glorify God and he will answer ur prayers in ways u will never imagine!

  2. Wow.. sandra, you read my blog often don't you? =P or maybe just live updates from your blog. hahha. million air.. naa actually that does not really mean much la =) just be happy.

  3. 越來越多人看你的部落格 要繼續加油喔 ....................................................