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Sunday, May 30, 2010

[18/5/2010] My Path in Architecture

Hi Greeting from Shanghai!

Thanks if you have been visiting the other blog which i have created at geneharnshanghaiexchange.weebly.com. A blog which i do just for my Shanghai DT, simply because there was too many thoughts about Shanghai and i don't want it to flood this blog with the many pictures too! Sorry if you are anticipating the post because i am still in the middle of managements for pictures =/ I have more than a thousand picture just for the first 3 weeks!

Yea meet the current 5 EPs, 4 above plus GueyAi from LC UUM.
We are the Exchange Participants doing Green Power Now project at LC SJTU =)

Recently have been watching 2 videos...

1. The Video which i have been watching 10+ Times...

2. The video my team have just watched just now at Greenovate, our partner company, The Age of Stupid.
It makes me think and see my future path in a more vivid scope.. and see a greater reason why i choose Architecture. I remembered when i was in the interview,
"so what do you know about Architecture"
I Answered
"Because they are the solution to problems and they are big"
I did not answer "Art of Buildings or related" simply because i think it all started with Discovery channel, and how the channel brought me into this interest. Well that does not mean i am not someone who is artistry as well. I started looking at different architects coming up with their personal designs that claim to be environmental friendly.

I see the potential of Green Market, it is going to be the biggest market soon.
I want to design solutions, Green Cities, more towards functional and efficiency compared to design. I want to take the lead of Green Market in Malaysia, because it is not going to rise in the next 5 years, because our country is still very consumer based, rather improvement Yet.

I do not want to be someone who just design a new city that claims to be green, my perspective on now is such that everything is still in the testing stage, and people assume by living in the green house, that means they have done their parts. well that's their thought.

1) I want to work for the Government, because i am tied to JPA bond anyways, and then
2) i want to gain network there and come out and start an Environmental Consultation Solutions firm, that provide consultation to redesign/design a house to be environmental friendly. Whether i am a certified architect or not, that's not my worried, as long i can do what i want.. then i am happy =)
3) I do not really intend to enter the designing field, that's like the most common architecture path i guess, 4)who knows i might go to Architecture Photography, and
5) i would not love to go to Heritage by the way.

And whatever it is, see God's plan for me then =)