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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[8/4/2010] Y.E.S 2# Updates

Again it's coming to an end of 1st Year.. well 10 more days to the first paper and haven't even done with Assignment.. Another post just about Updates for Y.E.S Youth Energy Squad 2010.

Quoted from Al Gore =)
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We need to go very far, very fast."

Irrefutably True indeed, throughout the implementation and process of establishment of Y.E.S, guess that i did almost everything alone. Nothing is wrong, because when how White coffin Started, i believe Mervin did almost everything too. Someone just had to take the charge first anyways.

At certain points i am worried that i know too much suddenly without the whole team knowing what is happening, that's why i write this post. But now it's almost come to an end, surprisingly actually, that Y.E.S is soon really going to be established. This is where i started thinking of starting dispatching the other JDs to the team, if i would want to go far.

And hopefully anyone future in the team who reads this, remember Al Gore's Quote, we need to go very far, and very fast. As a team you go Far, but a team who goes fast is a team who it's members are self initiated and took the passion to run for it. That's the dream team i am looking forward for.

The one big hassle of Y.E.S is that it is new and having no directions or any resources, but turning into the other point of view, the one big opportunity in starting anything new is that the team is the one who decides how to form the culture and how everything runs.

Thus, a few updates..

1. Yes so it went on Berita Kampus of USM, published recent monday ago. Don't mind the few errors as it is not a campaign but rather a volunteering club. I requested BK to cover the intention of Y.E.S in conjunction with Earth Hour.

2. Met up with Deputy Dean of HBP & things just got Way surprising there because he and the other research lecturer offer to be the lecturer advisors, because both of them are in energy research as well (& involving in something else big in Energy Auditing). Gave this Project a GreenLight and just some clarification that this is not under HBP.

3. Also, then he forwarded me to the Dean of Physics, or the Director of CETREE (most probably will partner up) CETREE stands for Centre for Education, Training and Research in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Have not met up yet due to hectic days.. But was assured that they will be more than glad to partner because the mutual benefit is awesome. They have the resource, they do training and talks too, but they are more towards outside radius of USM, and certainly the role of Y.E.S completes it.

4. Met up with Kak Mazfuzah HEP, and Surprisingly again, the ex vice president who started White Coffin with Mervin. Gave this project a GreenLight and says that will tell our dear TNC informally. So the plan is that during the semester break we will patch up more detail planning and finding up more collaborations, then will send the letter/proposal first 2 weeks after school reopens, then could do Recruitment Booth on the 3rd week.

And by this rate, i have this sudden feel that Y.E.S is actually very potential to be as impact full as White Coffin, only if the team allows it. And actually i am surprise how things went so smooth that i am so curious if i left out anything. Praise God.

The awareness of Polystyrene really came about after White Coffin is formed, i believe that no one really cares before that. The same goes for Y.E.S, no one seems to care about Energy or Electricity now, but when implementation is done and collaboration is formed, then let's see fire out of those sparks.

And there is a reason why i tag you in this post =)