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Sunday, April 4, 2010

[5/4/2010] We can be Champions

Got the title inspiration from Tony Fernandes's Blog =)

Sorry recently have too many things to blog but Blogger currently failed to upload my pics =/ Three more blog posts on waiting list, Easter Celebration, 2nd Quarter Resolution, and What i have learnt from 1st year =)

Recently read Tony's blog, got me into many thoughts. Got me so attracted suddenly. I read finish Richard Branson's Boigraphy, and now decided to really get a grip on Tony's Biography. This is going to be fun because 2 giants are from different marketing experience background and now handling their airlines, or group of companies. One who is pretty long, and the other with just 8 years. Both, funny constructive partners.

Allow me to quote few phrases from his blog, and you will know why i admire him much.
The latest blog post is about AirAsia venture with 1Malaysia F1 team together partnering with Lotus. Many people question why? Don't afriad of failure? or just another marketing appearence?

This is what he said.

"As a nation we need to believe that we can do anything. That we can be the best. Our kids need to stop worshiping the Manchester Uniteds , Ferraris , and Steve Jobses of other lands. Stop thinking that heroes only come from abroad. We must start believing that we, Malaysians, can. That we can compete and be the best in the world.

Look at AirAsia. Everyone laughed at us. Look at us now. The world’s best low cost airline; accomplished in just eight years. Who is laughing now?

So to all the cynics give Malaysia and Malaysians a chance. Embrace the brave, the visionaries, the dreamers and the innovators. Embrace positive energy."

I just couldn't stop agreeing and visiting the post over and over again. And he added up again.

It’s much better than just writing negative stories. Go out and make a difference. Don’t just hammer those with a positive attitude. Change today and go out and make a difference.

This is just so blessed true. So many youths of Malaysia today are just whining around about politics and gave up on Malaysia. So many brands are in the race to use 1Malaysia Icon without any awareness about it. So many "Malaysian instead of CMI Word first" debate going on recently. The first thing you can do is to change your perception of how to appreciate this situation rather than judging from a corner. If you have time, please read the comments below his post, some really constructive.

All right so that's my inspiration =) Hopefully could see my 2nd Quarter Resolution soon. I don't rush them.. they just come naturally after i evaluate on how my resolutions really revolve around me during 1st semester. And i will share soon then, and of course i want to hear yours too =D

A few updates of life =)

1. I've got AIESEC Exchange Match to Shanghai SJTU =) Will be in Shanghai 6 weeks then during Studies break. Look out for my blog posts then =)

2. Final 2 weeks push to exam, i always say busy is overrated, but right now i feel i am. With my study schedule which plans to cover everything solid before study week, but now this week PKA Farewell night is coming, also i have 20 sketches of renderings to be done.

3. There will be a visit to Ipoh Soap Manufacturing Factory this Friday, quite tempting because it's an environmental concern visit. Along after that day, will head to PKA Farewell night back in Penang Georgetown.

4. And then i will head back to KL to deal with exchange documents such as Visa application and also sending my camera for service.

5. Then study break starts =) And my exam is one of the earliest to start and finish. from 19-24April =)

6. Great stuffs happening after that, EPCC SChool of Leadership class on 25th as well as Recess Revo Tour Concert on 24th Night.

7. And Y.E.S is getting hot =) Tomorrow will be appearing in Berita Kampus, thanks to Hanajimi who interviewed me, but i heard my name was spelled wrongly by the editor. ( I will start a blog about it soon, just for Y.E.S) Wouldn't want it to spam much of my personal space. Am finalizing the proposal and handling to the admin this week, starting the partnership with Ecosaujana and KAS, who knows soon as well as AIESEC?

p/s That's a random scribble of a random blog post from me =)