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Monday, April 26, 2010

[27/4/2010] It's called my Hostel Room.

"Home is where one's heart is"

Thus conclude my hostel room is not my home. Haha and yes it is called my hostel room, such an entertaining name. sarcasm* Starts thinking for next semester room name*

There goes one year of Hostel Life, one year of time bumming in the room staring at the 4 white walls, trying to get for inspirations sometimes, one year of getting to know another inspiring personality in my room, one year of long nights to think about many unexpected thoughts, one year of defining myself. One year of where my heartbeats fade, one year of the strums of my guitar drifting out through the window.

I personally think it is considered one of the best hostel room among the local universities. Well even though it is not as great as K17 in UPM having Apartment concept =)

Anyways picture story!
Hi 2nd Semester Pets, which right now is still with my roommate Wei Pin in the Room =P
Did i tell you there was one who went to find nemo when i was washing them beside the toilet bowl? yea i wish him good luck.. =/

And this is how messy it could become when assignment hits.

I am just so in love with my IKEA table lamp =) You will be saying big mirror eh?

Told you why my place is the ideal place when Tsunami Hits =)

Good Ventilation, Good Lighting =) Me love.

Owh yea and my Art Kit, whatever you want, well most which you want la =)

I couldn't stop agreeing with Wilson in twitter, "walau recording maximum wind speed at my room E-5-51!" then he replied "Good FengShui maaa room!" He is staying on top of me. And yes the wind here is seriously crazy, especially when it is about to rain, you could feel as if your room is a wind tunnel.

And yea i love our idea of so called simple sustainable design, people buy clothes rail, we went to find a bamboo and just tied it to the shelves, and it all works the same with maximized space.

I guess i have erased the post regarding about my name being threaten in the lift, but yea let me post up this picture to update you the current situation. I would say, interesting, i did not even reply a word, and people are replying by folds, good thing not mentioning my name.. but oh well did mention racism sikit.. =)

Remember the room E-5-51, love the view to cafe, can stalk at anyone anytime. Love 5th floor the most, not too high neither too low. Good enough height to get maximum ventilation.

And yea here comes to the packing up.. =/ see how many boxes i have? I came to USM only with the half right items, the two nice looking container, and now added up to 9 boxes/items when i want to store for semester break -.-"

Put 6 of those into the storeroom and the other 2 boxes with my guitar to Desa U Condo friend's place.

Yea i am one of the earliest to put =)

And got the nice bottom space =)

So yea there marks the end of it, first year. I am staying in Tekun again, glad to get it again, it is my choice of hostel besides Fajar. Shall get a bicycle next semester to ease my transport in campus. 2 months is fast, i am going to taste back the old fragrance as soon i lay my steps in =)

Click here for more pictures =)

Oh yea and also an add on, this was my matriculation hostel room then =) Only one reason why i like it, everything is movable so i really modify and make over as many as 5 times =) I miss those moment seriously =)

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All right time to hit the bed! Off to some long KL walk tomorrow to settle some Exchange Malaysia Items =P hopefully bump into some local brochures, great i will need to do a presentation of Malaysia.. don't tell me i am going to include 1 Malaysia.. haha! Blessed Night!