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Saturday, April 24, 2010

[25/4/2010] A Random, Contradicting Thought

The day flashed by, Finished English Paper, Dropped by Intern House, Went Steamboat with 18 Coursemates, went esplanade Penang for random picture moment, bumped in Sg2 Mcdonald and now i am back to the soon to be missed hostel room at 4 am.

Throughout today's English Paper and the few hours conversation i realized something.
" It's all about our thoughts that determine who we are and to become, not others, what more if we could follow people opinions and accept them as facts to influence our decision?"

But on the other hand,

"The world is not all about Me, Myself and I, or rather you and yourself, it is about the world, we, us and ours. It's not what you want, but what the world wants, it was here long before you are! So don't go whining around saying the world is unfair and it owes you something"
And also a random note i saw from John C Maxwell Profile in Twitter,
"People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care"

It seems to be a little paradox there, but i guess you will try to get what i mean then =)
Have a happy semester break people! packing stuffs now*
p/s Zhi ling i want photos uploaded! =P