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Friday, April 23, 2010

[24/4/2010] EXAM IS OVER! Plans for Semester Break?

"Finishing 1st year of university is just like finishing the first 400m lap of relay track competition, time to think about strategy for next lap"

Submitted this picture to WD photography competition, missed the baton transition by a few milliseconds sadly =/ I believe i could distinguish a DSLR image from Nikon and Canon by now, i think the difference of CMOS and CCD processor lies in the image contrast as well as saturation at certain conditions. That's why most people say if you go for portrait, go canon, if landscape, Nikon, that's technical, i won't say much now.

Yes Second semester exam just rolled past! excluding English paper later in the Afternoon.. (It is close to 6 am now) Start packing stuffs ever since the previous paper, (realize that your belongings just adds on while the sem passes by) Will head to Recess Revo Night after the paper! then perhaps to Georgetown scout some wide angle converter.

Students from USM will be having their Semester break from early May to 9 of July.

Well so where will i be?
1. 26/4- 30/4 Back to KL
2. 1/5-25/6 Seven Weeks Shanghai AIESEC Exchange
3. 26/6- 9/7 Back to USM for facilitator Training for USM New Junior Intake Orientation

Things to be done: (banyak random thoughts)
  1. To do a postmortem on 2nd Semester - (Academic, Activities, Environment, Social, Skills, Personality) Need this time so much...
  2. Reorganize Hotmail and Gmail settings - Relabel every single emails, deleting, filtering.
  3. Start a Photography Portfolio - yes i have said before =) but i guess now i just have sufficient numbers to start one then =P one unofficial in Facebook and the other deviantart i assume.
  4. Shanghai Expo Studies - Yea being in Shanghai for 7 weeks also means one thing, i will be at the expo site radius for 7 weeks, want to know more what's behind the scenes and all, of course i will bring my dear Nikon together =) Since i will be there for 7 weeks, i guess it is sufficient time frame for me to explore more about Shanghai =) Explore shanghai! everything!
  5. Materials/knowledge from Exchange Program - Just for your info, the exchange project i am doing in Shanghai under LC SJTU is Green Power now Project, together with the collaboration of Greenovate Company. Really want to serve as well as learn in this program. It's a green project man! that's what i am talking about =P
  6. Y.E.S Planning - yes no doubt that it will be a priority, will finalize the kick off team and final proposal to start next semester, it is not a dream, it cannot be, people are already asking me when is it starting to launch a partnership. Need to get this thing going more serious effort during this time then. (well you could refer to the previous post to know where is the position of the planning =) )
  7. Resize all the event picture folders - Yes this is quite a pain, i do not know how many thousands picture inside there to resize down. I have the software, but it takes time again.
  8. Get my Stamina back - Yes i am in urgent need to start running if i want to get a good timing in PBIM 2010, woah time just travels so fast! it is coming soon!
  9. I feel like reading through the Bible 4 books again, Matthew, John, Luke, Acts.
  10. Perhaps changing my blog layouts? or perhaps starting another new blog?
  11. Owh yes and also starting Y.E.S blog (i will choose weebly) and need to gain some serious publicity. The current survey review has 60 respondents, i am targeting 200.
  12. Play GoogleSketchUp and push it towards its limit. You ask me why i don't learn AutoCAD yet, simply because i really want to know what is SketchUp's limit and by playing around by designing various building concepts ( well i will upload to Facebook)
  13. And also volunteering to share opinion/advise to anyone who is coming to Matriculation or USM, i guess my blog is starting to gain hits for some google search landed on few of my posts regarding these information.
  14. These 2 months are going to be Networking Months, people i am gonna meet in Shanghai, plus the new batch of incoming Junior to USM,
Well, and all in all again, i know these 2 months are going to flash through like any other semester, so shall see how much experience i could grab from this semester break then =)

Staying at home for 2 months?
I ain't someone gonna stay at home for the 2 months, neither working for money, you could get those money from your working life unless it is really a need, or you work purely just for the experience. If it is not because of exchange, i guess i will be going for some volunteering program. Or really solidly take this 2 months to buckle up my personal skills. or go some random travel and observe and think more things.

Some people say Semester break is a holiday, however, i think sometimes semester break is a busier time frame than our daily university life, especially for most active students who have conferences and workshops chain going on during this break... AIESECers =) but yea make sure you get well rest.. but not 2 months!

p/s I will be missing Miracle MYC Conference UPM so much this time =/ Evelyn Chan!!

So how is your Semester break going to be like? Share! =)
please just make sure you are not going to sit down Facebook whole day aite =)

God Bless!