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Sunday, April 11, 2010

[11/4/2010] Entering Matrics Or Finishing Matrics? Read up!

Hi World!
Yes am back to KL! For the first few days of Study week, hoping just to catch some motivation with abundance food at home =) Never beats the feeling of reaching home, and entering your room, smelling the old familiar scent! and says " Hey this is my room man " * looks at the ikea furnishes which ownself installed few years back* Time just travels so fast.. One year up in Penang soon, one year in university, two years away from home.. But yea Praise God for putting me where i am today and the way i am today.

And yeap few people approached asking for Matriculations, guess i will do this again like how i did last year =) The links below are basically the posts i did during Matrics life! And again the links are my personal view and should not be seen as evidence to change your decisions but just assisting yourself to open up to more perspectives. My memories for Matrics has certainly made precious and i believe your college life will too! Happy reading! *Sorry some post wordings are small, you could enlarge them, thanks!*

And also on another note, note the Theme header above =) The first quarter has past, Quarter of Resolutions and Details has passed, will wrap it up in another post.. this time in this quarter, April-June Quarter of Understandings, part of the process for Year 2010, year of Thoughts =)