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Monday, March 8, 2010

[9/3/2010] The Joy Of Silence in PPSL Interview

Hi World!
Just a simple flash of how my weekend has been =)
And later on to talk about the PPSL interview i just went..

And yes i was having fun playing slave flash Friday Night =)

Thank Goodness for another awesome event, USM Chinese New Year Celebration 2010, which i heard it's the first time kua.. but wanna make it an annual event. Kudos to my Matric Mate LaySee, i am impressed by the publicity itself =) Don't put pressure so much all right =) you did very well! And i bet you have learnt a lot like how i did too in the Publicity field...

It's quite like.. a sweet surprise actually =)

So Saturday was...
And owh ya didn't i tell you i went Alor Setar =P I felt it's a very good escape away trip.. hahaha the whole travel trip of bus, jetty, bus was like.. 2 hours+ to go there.. brought some books along in the bus.. went there to meet up with Jesselyn my Tour Guide =P bump here and bump there.. at least got a glimpse of Alor Setar like.. i haven't been anywhere that North before!

And Sunday went Church... then suppose to go Paintball for CG combined outing.. but yea have assignment to turn up to in the end..

And Recently PPSL Interview =)
Owh man for the first time i truly felt the joy to listen to others more, because it was a group interview, and i always had the perception to catch the moment to speak. But there were 10+ People interview one shot -.-" And then the weird thing is that it started off by talking about politics in Hostel Admins and HEP.. which something obviously i don't know of because only those involve in Hostel Bodies know...

I guess some of us enjoy listening some participants standing to their point of knowing the hostel the best. And the end the interviewer proved them wrong by coming in for Orientation is all about the Juniors not Hostel -.-" anyways...

The best part i noticed was when they asked..
"Assuming there are only 2 slots of PPSL seats right now, who will you choose"

I think that's one good question because obviously you will choose one yourself, and the other one you must choose out of 10+ people without knowing them. So the main point is that, you are choosing someone who gave you the best first impression! hmm... i am not hoping so much for PPSL though.. But see what God has to say for me =)

Heading back to KL in few hours time for Asia Mobile Youth Conference. will update about it too =) Bukit Jalil..! Go back weekend... Eat Sleep Rest... Skip classes... owh yea i am gonna skipping class for it =) because i believe this event has a good ROI.