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Thursday, March 4, 2010

[4/3/2010] My UNIversity Life 10th* Week Update

Hi World!

Yes sorry for those so called loyal fans outside there, the blogging bug was gone for a one week plus, perhaps because i was just so overwhelmed by the happenings currently. If you are interested in contributing publicity for your events or to know more about Malaysia Local Universities Event, please hoop on here!

Anyways about the events that have passed and come! Goodness i can't believe i have close to one month countdown to exam while having my next 3 weekends booked up with events =D

1. MASUM Malaysia University Athletic Games 2010

Yeap i was there to witness some Asean University Games Record Breakers.. 34 minutes for 10km, i will remember that record, that dude from UPM =) Was there since 25/2 to 28/2. Was in UPM for the competition but stayed in UKM off campus Hostel. I tell you i love USM so much and gonna blog about it soon to support Juniors to come into USM =D

I didn't take part sadly. Thanks to Coach who brought me along as photographer and also to gain experience as an event organizer for OPEN RELAY 2011. Yea watch out for that too. Next Year February. Am still the Lazy Head of Marketing and Publicity. hahaha. http://usmopenrelay.blogspot.com/. I will try my best to run for long distance soon when i am really serious about training. May the running spirit keeps in us =)

2. Mobile Youth Unconference Asia 2010 [11/3-12/3]
Thanks to RhuYuan, Founder of GreenLung USM, Thanks for the free pass from him to go this awesome stuff =D Am skipping class next thursday and friday just for this because of the free past! and requested teacher to forward my quiz and all!

For more info you can see here, definitely will blog about it soon when i am done with the conference =) It's about Global Company on how they target youth and enhancing their branding among youths, basically about Communications within the youth as well. setting high expectations for it! it's in Bkt Jalil Stadium!

3. Bayer Young Environmental Envoy 2010 BYEE and Y.E.S [Youth Energy Squad]
Yes the closing date is April 23rd. Decent enough to give me time to be inspired and contributing ideas to Y.E.S. For more information you can view it here!

Excited to have a free trip to Germany and to observe how magnificent are the green efforts over there? All expenses paid! Then write a 1k words essay about you view on Green and your intentions and efforts to it! If you essay is good enough, then got interviewed, then you will need to attend an Eco camp in East Msia in June, then the 10 of you will go back to your respective University to start a green project. Then the finalist 2 best performers get to go for the trip!

So that's the reason why i started Y.E.S in some ways. Please support us! Proposal is on the way! Join us in Facebook today!

4. University Chinese New Year Celebration 2010
Owh yeap it will begin tomorrow 5pm in Tapak Convo, Guess who's the photographer again =D

5. Combined CG paintball this Sunday!!
Me loveee! I am gonna shoot some long awaited people! Muahahah evil laughs*

6. Report Division leader for next project.
Yes Assignment is up again, i have always love HBP assignments, one point is that it is very creative such that you don't have guidelines, and that's the sweetest thing of all! thanks to people who trust me, report division leader.. why ar.. trust my english meh =P This is fun! 4 weeks assignments duration! Big one =)

Why i don't feel the urgency to study.. hmmm.. shakess head*

"Be surprise for the achievements to come, and be happy for the challenges to come"
1st Quarter is always done, it's March right now, but glad that i feel my theme has achieved =)

I am sure all things work together for good.
Romans 8:28
" And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"