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Monday, March 29, 2010

[29/3/2010] Y.E.S Youth Energy Squad, What is it about?

Just a random note, Things are a little busy recently, but just couldn't forget something i really passionate about =) I guess i mentioned about Y.E.S before this but didn't really get into it.

These were the surveys i gave out in RAG 162 class to cluster sample my coursemates, which are the first years of HBP, i did try use minimal usage of papers and i promise it will all end up in the recycling bins.

To cut long story short, and i don't think you would want to read a 20+ pages of proposal which i did over the Chinese New year week...

How i thought of Y.E.S?
1. Y.E.S was initially what i heard from KimFan and Mingren, my 2 college besties. They thought of starting in our Malacca Matriculation College but approval was rejected due to silly reasons.
2. Later on during MIRACLE Conference, organized by AIESEC UPM, I thought of this and hence coming up with his idea but with more details and plannings.
3. Then, during USM Pimpin Siswa there was a session about presenting your ideas for USM, i introduced this with Faiz my friend.
4. And then i really thought that it could work out well with the current policy of USM as well as i feel it's a serious urgency.

So now what?
1) The plan now is to just establish the Organization, clock is pretty ticking as Study week is approaching, i have no plans for any executions of activities this sem. All will be done next semester while this sem is all about dealing with admin and paperworks. I don't mind doing that all alone.
2) Discussed with Professor Lee for advise and seems he is quite supportive..
3) Met up with Berita Kampus, hopefully could get a section to promote about Y.E.S beside USM Earth Hour article.
4) Emailed Dean, Deputy Dean and other related Lecturers, got response and am going to find them asap.
5) Gave up the survey forms to HBP 1st year students. (they are important to support the cause of the proposal)
6) Need to find Energy Research related lecturers to get advise or propose to ask them to be lecturer advisor since they are the researches.
7) Tried to collaborate with PMI, Environmental club, and EcoSaujana.
8) Love Google Spreadsheet! Did the online Survey forms =) Please help me if you are a USM Student and have yet to fill in! Fill in here!
9) Soon to compile and everything and approach vice chancellor.

Attempt of Designing Logo 1:

Attempt of Designing Logo 2:

Of course i think the 1st one is nicer =) I was juggling around with the slogan, so decided to end up with "Impacting Youth, Saving Energy, Celebrating Earth" I like the word celebrating =)

So what's wrong?
Yes many people will be wondering.. "What on Earth?"
" Ehhh you very free is ittt?"
" Nothing to do is it..?"
" What do we get if we join?"
" Waa start something new, sure very hard la"
"Joker la you.."

Yes i get that often, and really expected.
There is only one reason why i start this. I realize there are actually many individuals who are passionate for Mother Earth but just feel so helpless doing things alone themselves because they think their efforts are insignificant, or not motivated to do so. They need a platform, a constant platform to do so. Not a project. Thus i started Y.E.S, hoping this platform could be the one to represent USM student's voice on the wastage on Energy, hoping that people could feel they really do contribute something back to Mother Earth at least.

Please don't misunderstand i am offending kelab alam sekitar or whatever, my stand here is about Energy Usage and focusing on it. And trust me that
"When you talk about Energy, it's not all about Electricity"
There are much more exciting understandings to it, and i believe as human beings we should understand more than hearing.

And there is only one type of person i really look for to join this effort, a person who concerns or wants to do something to tackle environmental issue, who has the green heart. If you are joining just for the sake of cert/marks, trust me you can get it from so many activities in USM, while Y.E.S is going to be a painful but meaningful start for anyone who is going to join. I promise =) it's something you will feel proud to lead.

Someone has to take the lead, I take.
but now i just desperately needs names to support this cause just to establish the club first!

If you feel it's so gonna be hard/boring project, then please read up the proposal i did, i hope you will be inspired or motivated to think yourself on the possibility of activities to be done.