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Saturday, March 27, 2010

[28/3/2010] My baby almost went dead! T.T

Hi World =)
Owh well my baby just got really bad about it.. =/ Was suppose to Worship Lead PKA's AGM, everything went well, changed my baby's new strings... then the next thing i know when i reach PKA, "pak"! , not the string who went snapped, but the whole... ( i don't know what you call that)

Yes you get me. So basically all 6 strings went wrong for that moment because you don't see the white color thing supporting them. sigh* But now i just found out that i can still tighten the string but sounds slightly off and the sound goes out of tune easily due to the soft support (wood instead of the white board).

Yes i wouldn't imagine, not about this guitar is dead, but what if i didn't take up the initiative to learn all by myself. Frankly, i don't know music notes a.k.a taugeh because i just don't have any theories and some sorts. I just know you sing and i play theory. =D It all started with Form 1, i joined Christian Fellowship in SMKDJ, and i remember seniors teaching me a few chords, and then i decided to get this cheap 200bucks guitar (and now you know it's a 8 years old guitar) I had the second guitar brought to Matric but was stolen, 400bucks JD brand.. but i realize my 8 years old guitar sound nicer than most guitar i hear actually =) maybe because the wood is seasoned.

I really praise God for putting me into the musical world =) I didn't know by the start of 4 chords could inspire me right now to write songs and performing, i didn't know i would lead worship as well as chinese worship songs. Ask anyone in highschool or College, who is the one always swinging his guitar around his shoulders during Fridays or weekends =)

Don't get me wrong, i ain't a professional guitar player or what after 8 years of self taught, don't even talk to me about Guitar brands or those techy terms, all i know is that God has awesome plans for me to learn the skill called guitar, and now i serve it back to him by worship ministry =)
and yea i write songs too when time does allow =D again, so far wrote 6 songs but non recorded T.T

p/s i miss band worship or band jamming so much, CF SMKDJ, i am so coming back to share the memories again!


On another note,
Some events happened during weekend,
1)Friday PKA AGM 2010 and Easter Combined Celebration.
Pearl came down from Health Campus! thanks for the long 3 hours chat in the weez hour =)
2)Saturday ADWAVE Finale (They have serious awesome stuff) , AIESEC Exchange Participants Meeting, Meeting up with Berita Kampus for Y.E.S
3)Sunday Today =D Came back from Church and then heading for CG Meeting Steamboat later in Georgetown!

Congratz YDP Abel Benjamin Lim =)
To the Executive Board of PKA 2009/2010/2011 =)
Proud of you awesome guys, will always by your side to support!
And the awesome stuffs =)
USM Combined Easter Celebration 2010
A collaboration of PKA, LWCF, CLC.
Thanks for giving me chance to contribute in another awesome event =)
And hey i had real fun composing the video ya =D

What's coming up next?
1)RhuYuan mentioned about doing a Penang GreenLung or youth related movement, after a discussion with Summersands Founder Bernard, nice to know for asking me to join the effort, we will see what we can do then =D
2)Y.E.S Youth Energy Squad , a lot of things coming up next =) Still finding people with the same passion to join us.
if you are a USM Student, please Help me by filling this Survey Form.
3)Personal Debriefing, 1st Quarter is going to be over, what have i really achieved? are my resolutions reached? What is expected in 2nd Quarter? Look out for my next post then =)
4) STUDIES, ya right, realize that i never ever talk about academics before right? but yea please don't see me as someone who doesn't study or skip assignments. I'm a dude with the passion for Architecture to save human nature.
ok but let me spill my academic responsibilities now then.. Wed night WUS presentation, RAG162 Lab Report, Studio Assignment IPCF Drawings and Modellings, RMK252 short exercises.. Update my Assignment Blog final assignment.. Actually to be honest, they are not many to kill someone also,
"Sometimes i think the word "BUSY" is so overrated, Or people has another meaning to it?"
Come on University life where got people not busy? If you can say your coursework + academics is busy enough, i don't believe.
5) Easter Sunday is coming up soon! Another big agenda in the coming weekend! Saturday Youth celebration in Church then Sunday Drama play in Equatorial Hotel =)
6) Fasting and Prayer for the next 5 days, may His name be glorified!