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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[18/3/2010] Why Architecture?

Beware, the following post is another boring all about Gene-Harn post =P

Well i have always thought of posting up General Knowledge stuffs as how i have flooded my previous blogs during Holidays with those random tags of anything around the world, and proud to say surprising my blog actually hit google hits at the top when you search "Architecture USM" or "Matriculation 2009" But since that i'm just so occupied right now...& not reading much interesting enough Materials to share with my viewers, then there goes my apa dalam kehidupan Gene-Harn post =D

Was visiting RINTIS 2010, Arts school Exhibition, comprising products range from Graphic Comm, Fine Arts, Product Designing, Multimedia, Music.. and I think i leftout something..

And this thing caught my eyes, the Creativity and market research behind it, and it gave me a big hit!

Why on Earth am i studying Architecture?
Why not other courses like Graphic Comm, Mass Comm, Fine Arts?

I guess i am just being interested in a lot of things in this life, good or not good, doubtful enough. That's why i never consider things as Talents, they are just skills, I don't know what am i truly good in my life, i haven't know or tried everything about Life.

Few nights ago Daniel was asking me the same question, why Architecture? I guess many people in University don't see me as an Architecture Student, simply because i don't display my passion towards it despite of the articles i read and having them blog and sharing views with Jin Bang my course mate. Thanks Mate i realize you are one and the only one which i have exchanged so many views about Architecture and all the fun craps we chat about.

1. I was impacted to save the world.
I like the way Architecture works, thanks to Wan B who greatly influence my mind to be such. My ambitions at first was Interior Designing, then proceed to AirCraft Maintenance, then Civil Engineer and then now, a very unexpected landing in USM Architecture. My impression about Architecture is not all about designing houses, i know Architecture could so much more to make the world a better place in terms of Physical Features, you can see them from my previous posts. And that's what i like it, big and ambitious and long projects.

2. It's a course something not everyone learn.
Let me be straight, Mass Comm, Graphic Comm, Business, management marketing, etcetc are stuffs that what everyone will come across in the life anyways. These things are also easily approach by Architecture student. I always respect my super senior for his graphic skill. Photoshop and many Computer techy stuffs will be encountered by Architecture Students too because we are to design. By third year myself i would also plan to let go activities and start to free lancing in Designing. Jin Bang would do so i believe. But on the other hand, other course wouldn't truly learn what Architecture is all about just by googling them i believe.

3. Because i Observe.
And i sure everyone else does too, because this is fun. Architecture is such a course you could get inspiration from anywhere anytime anyone. We all know Architecture designs have their inspiration from different source, such as Burj Al Arab from the sailing of a boat, the Shanghai Tower from a lady Figure, etc.. All you need is lines to observe in life to give you a hint to finish the shape.

4. Because I love Travelling and Photography.
Yes, I love random travelling, to small town, to observe how a place functions. An architect could be well work to be a town planning as well. I would just get a flight to a place and spend few days there without purpose but wandering around with Google Earth images to study the functional, culture, economy etc. To learn the History and evolution of towns and tracking down Historical Buildings. I am not educated to be so, but resulting the trips with assumptions is always fun as you learn to observe with a different approach.

5. And it's not because of the pay.
One thing i would like to highlight about everytime you choose a path shouldn't be about Income factor. I have met a Cendol seller earning a 5 digits a month and Doctors failing their license. We wouldn't know how the future is like, perhaps soon everything will be barter and hence no need of accountants, or even no petrol , causing no need petroleum etc.. ( just giving examples sorry if offend) If you are entering Architecture just because you think you will have big money in future and bright future, please turn around. Current Architecture market in Malaysia is not at its top. Only people with a thoughtful mind how to modify their career survives.

Yes i didn't plan to type all of this out, but i just wanna say.
"Architecture sucks my life Into it"
Notice i don't use Building, because Architecture is just so wide! If you think Architecture is all about Building, think twice! they are just like Engineers, thinking about solutions, trace back my Architecture posts. Lilypad project to save the Earth, Vertical Farming etc.

Owh yea by the way this is my second Semester Assignment Blog. =)

On a random note:
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All right time to mug with my Neslo again =)
Can't wait for this weekend. USM Student Community Convention, expectations to meet awesome leaders and admins in USM. Expect to brainstorm ideas, Meeting up tomorrow with Professor Lee about Y.E.S proposal, hoping this thing could be my University's product anyways..
If you are thinking of being someone big in something, why climb the leader of leadership while you know you can just start one yourself?

Psalm 25:12 "Who are those who fear the Lord? He will show them the path they Should Choose" May God's will always be our priority in our steps =) Live life each day reflecting his wonders in small surprises!