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Sunday, March 14, 2010

[14.3.2010] The Books Keeper

Hi World!
Yes the title says it all... I keep a lot of books =D but seldom read them finish. Goodness i brought the whole stack of notes back KL but just to protect them i guess -.-" Anyways happenings!

Mobile Youth Unconference Asia 2010.

" Youths don't wake up thinking about your brand, but they reform and mould your brand"
One small simple conference involving youths and many corporates engaging together to discuss about branding and marketing in the Youth Market.

One place to meet awesome Youths and the few events where name cards is a need =)
But i was expecting a lot actually, owh well i won't go into details. One day is just too short to talk about this scope.

On the other hand, yeap , walked pass by the National Sports complex ( the event was in Technology Park Malaysia) Interesting Architecture. National Swimming Complex, i don't even know if it's a skin structure.

And yeap finally first time stepping into National Bukit Jalil Stadium. SMK Sri Sentosa having their sportsday there.. pretty rich i guess.

And weekend in KL was a blessing =) Get to catch up with mom and did some spring cleaning. Truly missing my IKEA room, remembering i took time planning the layout and fixing screws to screws few years ago, but i left to Malacca for Matrics and now in Penang. such a comfy room =) Hope that my master degree can do back in KL UTM.

And USM Student Community Convention 2010 is next weekend =) Excited*

Anyways! so blow wind blow!

1. Wake up LimGene-Harn! Exam is raining soon! JinBang has officially tempted me to visit library more often, the fact is, i haven't even step in before. sigh* Yes i agree with you Jin, screw lecture notes and read more wikis and books. haha. explanation also cacat sial.
2. Wanna get bicycle to make my travelling more time efficient. But not going for class la =) like church and meetings etc..
3. Observed that many architecture students have a specific skill besides architecture, i guess i will want to focus on the usage of CS4, Adobe Soundbooth, After effects, Photoshop and LightRoom. and as well stay on simple photography. hmmm..
4. And i start to tweet more than facebook, tweetdeck rocks my life =) I guess facebook shall function more like an information sharing or quote place, while tweet i can just shout out my life updates.
5. Keep on Praying, and know that God has strength for you like you never imagine before. It's called Faith. =)

Hebrews 4:16
"Let us then approach the throne of Grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."