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Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm STILL an AIESECer la~ =D

Posting up this blog post is rather a huge turning point of my life, I had to let go something truly impactful in my life, i had to pour my cup filled of promises, i had to remind myself that i am letting go a bunch of awesome experience and as well as an identity that could truly elevate's one branding when it comes to the working life.

I guess some of you have heard that i have resigned from AIESEC, my reason is simple, because of my time management. and because i think i am to perform better in other place with my personality. It's always said that again, AIESEC is not for everyone in some ways. There is no doubt this organization definitely has inspired me in many ways with each distinctive individuals outshining their different personalities.

Then some ask me, you ran for EB election and now you quit? Does it even make any sense? My main purpose of running for EB election is not because i want a greater height of experience, neither proceeding to the next stage of leadership. It's all about change that inspire me, i had so many things in my mind about AIESEC USM (Whether it's childish or mature thoughts please forgive me then) and i know throughout the first Semester i talked so much and i felt such an idiot of not even having a point about what have i really contributed back to AIESEC USM. I was not someone like Wilson with his S.A.V.E Program, in fact how i wish that i took the initiative to try to do something like him despite my newbie AIESEC experience.

And yes it's all because i felt there is something urgent i need to do for AIESEC USM, and at which point and why i don't know. And it is because of constricted Time management that i dropped it. And here comes to a greater point of realization..

The main thing why i post this is that

"My Journey for AIESEC still goes on"

You ask me how? I will say because of the knowledge from AIESEC. At first it was the thought that resigning from AIESEC could give me more time to focus on Academic like how i have thought ever since coming into University. But i just realize resigning from AIESEC has inspire me to use Ideas i have gained from various conference in AIESEC to put into action. I felt if i come to a stop and focus in academics, there are so many things i have learnt and inspired to be wasted!

It was MYC by AIESEC UPM last year that i came out with the thought of Y.E.A.S project, about water and energy conservation. I realize what i presented then wasn't merely just a presentation but something could really work out. Thus right now as an Architecture Student in USM i would want to implement this Green project in USM, in fact i am in the midst of writing the proposal as well as submitting the idea to BYEE Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Competition hoping to be inspired more. And even our dear TNC Prof Omar stated that HBP (my school) should have lead such project long time ago because we are the housing building planning school! I shall wait how is it like when proposal is being submitted then.

Then if people asked me about how these intentions came about,
I could just say, "It's all from AIESEC"

And the sad thing i realize of being photographer is that i realize another huge chunk of my photo albums are all about AIESEC activities. Deng i feel so attached till now!

and i know my AIESEC Story never ends,
and i can always still say, " I'm still an AIESECer la~ "
The brand of AIESEC always stays with me, ask anyone from my Matric College, i have been telling people to join AIESEC since college then.

Credits to the bunch of awesome people i meet in all the previous conference and even virtual meets in Facebook, every single one of you is definitely someone unique and change agent. And certainly i know i cannot escape from AIESEC, because they took up a huge space of my facebook contacts -.-"

p/s I will definitely miss Project Management Department so much =) Thanks Peggy at least i could help out in the blog stuffs! and i cannot wait for EPRB! DT for Shanghai! see i told you my story doesn't end =P