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Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY is all about Family..

Chinese New year is all about Family Gathering..

I was looking back to CNY Celebrations during my childhood and that's certainly the best family gatherings ever. All families and cousins from north and south will head to Sitiawan for celebration.. Being the second youngest cousin among all the cousins.. and now when all other cousins have started their working lives, certainly the CNY mood is not really there.. Owh well..

So it's just like Christmas.. not about money and present but all about Family being Together =)

Anyways another half semester is on the roll =D
And it is close to the end of February, March is coming..
and then the 1st Quarter of the year is gone..
Gotta think again if my 1st quarter theme is achieved =)

I guess i am pretty free after this.. compared to the few crazy months before this.. gonna promise myself to do some stuffs..

1. Really get a solo photo shooting trips.. Wednesday i am free except for an hour class.. maybe just escape to somewhere after my english class.. or some weekend trips.

2. Promise myself to wake up early.. stop waking up late and skipping 8am class.. finally bringing a proper clock this time* ask my room mate my 2 handphone alarms were quite effective last time but not now.. Wake up 1 hour earlier.. wash up, breakfast, devotion, work out, business/photography mag.. yea pretty enough to stimulate my morning mind. Jee Leng and Pearl you two are gonna help me with this =D

3. Read up more about Young Entrepreneur list in Malaysia and their standings and market potential in South East Asia..

4. Learn more about the Energy and Water usage and discuss with university admin and check the bills they have.. in order to keep my proposed projects going.. then readjust proposal and time to put it up!

5. Things to look forward for.. Photography for GLC this week, then following the athletics team to UPM for MASUM and then CNY USM MPP celebration as well =) owh well and Ruth is coming to Penang! but too bad i will be in UPM. This semester will just fly pass of course.. Wanna go hit Thailand before coming back.

Yes and i know i am not such in a mood to blog but i always have stuffs to write (more than just personal stuffs) i tend to really type in what i learn just as reference for my future. stuffs like self branding trip etc.. and furthermore this blog is also direct feed to Facebook and i guess more people are replying there..

" owh man Facebook is such pathetic thing that is making it a NEED instead a WANT for more and more people'
Done and out =D Have a blast for the next Half Semester! recharged! God is Great!