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Sunday, February 7, 2010

[8/2/2010] 6th week Update!

Greetings from Istimewa Mamak Stall! =)

Yes it's in the weez hours again here. Football match and all i am here tonight is just for the wifi! Yes can't wait for RST Hostel to have their Routers fixed on =D Guess it's exciting for everyone and i am expecting awesome wifi with each router installed specifically for four rooms. Man so gonna smack next batch of students la they came in the right time with facilities at its almost best.

Few random things happened recently =)

1) USM KungFu Night-
Yes it's my deepest appreciation to KungFu Club for allowing me to be their photographer of the night, which is a highlight of their annual event, 33rd time organized, and this time outside of USM. Got to try out Jin's 50mm f1.8, that night's lighting is awesome but not for photographers.. shakes head* Gotta filter like 700 photos later.

2) Didn't i tell you i have 4 more boring lives in my room?
Presenting the very slumber just now how to eat sleep and blow bubble turtles. hahah It's for my first assignment initially, 2 from me, one from WeiPin and another one from KarFai. Nevertheless, it's quite a motivating creature for me. I always see Growth as the greatest motivation of all =)

3) Submission of my 2nd project of the Semester
HBP Project isn't like any assignment you can just spam on and send. Not us or the syllabus, but recognize the lecturers and you will understand =P Click here for more detail of my concept of that project -> http://rus103geneharn.weebly.com/project-2-one-function-page.html Yes and each of us required to start a studio blog =)

4) PKA's CBL Captain Ball League
I didn't know how much captain ball could mean to PKAians until i take part in it =) And Loving it! I love it so much! And i notice there are so many tall dudes in PKA...

Few things gonna happen =)

1) Rushing of 3 assignments now -.-"
The result of having my weekend so having fun running around shooting events and sleeping so much... 4 more weekdays of packed assignments to submit! Group assignment pulak, hopefully doesn't leave a bad impression to my teammates, or maybe they know i am all right with last minute submission kua?

2) PKA Farewell Fund Raising FB shirt sales!
Yes this is it! A shirt you couldn't get anywhere else! Please email usmfbtee@gmail.com for sales.
Only for USM Students however personal request is available (surcharge may be applied)
Price 20 Ringgit
Details such as Name, Contact Number, Email Address, and Hostel Address shall be passed to respective sales representatives.

Definitely a must buy for facebook branded people =D So What's your status today!

3) EPRB AIESEC Exchange Participant Review Board
Yes EPRB is here, one step closer to Student Exchange =) The interview is tomorrow! What else could be more excited! I want Shanghai!! Prefer Green Project!

4) Y.E.A.S in the form.
Yes so far 3 other coursemates have decided to join effort to really start this project. I don't really call it Y.E.A.S first because it's not being agreed by the others. I really think USM MUST start a Green Project. And whether people gonna consider it or not, HBP Housing Building Planning (My school) shall be the spark to it, and i want to initiate that light. Wednesday Meeting =) Hopefully could generate ideas and proposal by end of this week. Need it fast because Earth Hour 2010 27 march is coming and that night could be a really awesome pre launching publicity. And most likely i am using this idea to compete in BYEE. An idea from paper that is gonna be put into reality. =D

4) CNY is here!
Means Valentine's is here! Happy Singles to all Singles =) We shall see red packets as something to look forward for and leave the belonged ones aside. LOL!

And yes time flies! It's night life now!

I always love Night Live. I realize it is such time that I think SO MUCH. I know what parents say and all, sleep earlier wake up earlier.. refresh your mind.. but heh! there are tonnes i learn at night, I went around campus at night just for light tails shots, and jog to GreenLane at night, i hear at night i believe. It's like God put me in such atmosphere of shining in the dark.

"Let your Lights so shine before Men" Matthew 5:16